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The American Debt Debate – Going to the Wire and Maybe Beyond?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

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Over the pond in America, the debt debate is raiding it's ugly head as well as in Europe. As I understand it, the federal budget runs out on 2nd August and unless they lawmakers in America and the President agree a new budget or the President signs an extension to the current agreements in place, then the US will effectively run out of cash and will be defaulting on it’s current debts. Obama wants to introduce a package which include $4 trillion of cuts but if the Republican lead senate does not play ball, then the President may be forced to raise the government’s debt ceiling as a temporary measure, obviously something he does not wish to do.

This debate goes back to 30th November last year when Obama forced through a pay freeze for federal workers, a measure to trim the huge federal deficit. Astrologically at that time Saturn was almost exactly conjunct the US natal Saturn. Saturn on the US natal chart is found at 14 degrees Libra in the 10th house of government and Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) sits on the cusp of the 2nd house of finance indicating that movements of Saturn will directly affect the US money supply. Saturn natally squares the natal Sun, showing the constant battles between the Government (Saturn) and the President (Sun). This aspect will always be a thorn in the side of both, no matter what parties or persuasions of the two factions. This conflict is inbuilt into the US chart and forever the animosity will be.




Moving onto April 1st and a raging debate over spending cuts and disagreements over a new budget pushed the US to within two hours of a government shutdown. Saturn, now moving retrograde had returned to 14 degrees Libra conjunct the US natal Saturn. This time Saturn is approaching it’s final pass of 14 degrees Libra before moving through for a final time as it continues it’s journey around the zodiac, returning back to this spot in 28 years time. Yet again, disagreements between the President and the Senate have flared up, and this time Saturn will hit 14 Libra towards the end of August. This says to me that the President will have to raise debt levels before an agreement will finally be thrashed out towards the end of next month. This agreement will have a lasting impact on the US economy, and we will see the ramifications of what they agree in around 7 years time when transiting Saturn squares it’s natal position.

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