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The Alternative Left and Racial Conflict in the US

Posted on the 19 May 2016 by Calvinthedog

The possible reality of biological race and the implications it has for Black-White conflict in the US mandates a response from the Alternative Left.

The Alt Left should not succumb to hating Blacks for what may well be things they have little control over. If you see a man on crutches, it is pretty cruel to call him a failure at walking and shove him in the gutter, but that’s what White racism does to Black people, and it’s not right.

Given the reality of race, an Alt Left core belief, the tasks of the Alt Left would be to:

  1. Try to treat Blacks kindly for outcomes that they may well have little control over.
  2. Continue to battle cruel White racism (real racism, not fake racism) against innocent Blacks in solidarity with Blacks on the Left principles of standing up for oppressed peoples against their oppressors and that racism is an evil that is contrary to progressive values.
  3. Regarding White racism against Blacks, distinguish between real racism and the fake racism of too much of the modern antiracist community, vowing to fight the former while disregarding or ignoring the latter.
  4. Insist on personal responsibility nevertheless for obvious life failures and criminality on the principle of free will and the fact that humans are not programmed automatons, no matter how our genes operate.
  5. Investigate all of the ways that the B-W gaps can be reasonably and cost-effectively addressed.
  6. Attempt for formulate some sort of a liberal or Left politics that acknowledges the reality of biological race and its implications.

The last task will be the most difficult of all, but it requires us to think in some very creative ways, which is something that progressive people are good at.

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