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The Alt Left on the “Right to Judge”

Posted on the 27 April 2016 by Calvinthedog

Jason Y writes:

I don’t really like flaming behavior, but I’m not God, just an ordinary nobody. Also, I don’t have the time to police behavior.

Didn’t the Bible say we should work on our own faults before judging others?

Can I ask you something? What is wrong with “judging?” The Cultural Left and it seems a lot of this PC-addled young generation are all against “judging.” A woman I was dating was basically an alcoholic. I call her out on her drinking shit. I’m “judging.”

A female friend is being tormented by her alcoholic male roommate who for all intents and purposes is sexually harassing her (either you fuck me, or I throw your ass out on the street). She puts up with this Hell for a long time, and then next thing I know, she has had sex with the idiot a few times.

“Why’d you do it?”

“I dunno. I felt like that.”

“That sucks. You should not fucking that idiot. Bad idea. Plus he’s been treating you horribly. You basically caved in to a sexual harasser. Plus he sucks. He stinks, and he doesn’t even take showers.”

“Stop judging!”

So in other words, every time I don’t like something, I’m “judging.” We have to jump up and down and cheer and yell and scream for every idiot, perverted, sick and deviant behavior that comes down the pike? What for?

Why don’t we have the right to not like things?

Most straight men don’t like the idea of gay sex? That’s “judging?” Bull.

Most straight men are not even really keen on the idea of gay men. At least they don’t want to be around them too much, and most straight men have no desire to have a gay friend. That’s “judging?” Why?

Most straight men do not like sissy, faggoty, flaming, strongly effeminate behavior in men. Guess what? A lot of gay men don’t like it either! Why do we have to like it? If we don’t like it, why are we “judging?”

And the most important question of all is, what in God’s name is wrong with judging? We have a right to like or dislike anything on God’s green earth. We don’t have put a stamp of approval and jump up and down and start screaming and yelling about every weird behavior that humans engage in.

In a larger sense, this is one of the core principles of the Alt Left: “The right to judge.”

Because this is one of the core ways the Cultural Left has destroyed modern society – it has promoted the notion that no one has a right to disapprove of anything. This is behind cultural relativism and really the whole crazy ball of wax. This is why liberals and Lefties scream that I have no right to blast India on here they way I do – I have “no right to judge.” Black pathologies – the wreck call the ghetto? No right to judge. Islam backwards, woman-hating, homophobic, regressive and just anti-liberal and reactionary? Hey, stop hating. Don’t like Hispanic culture all that much, or maybe you might like to criticize it even for being hyper-Catholic, anti-abortion, morally backwards, regressive, reactionary, stupid, racist, patriarchal, misogynistic, violent, wife-beating, idiotically hypermasculine or deliberately ignorant? How dare you judge them!

Happen to notice that Gypsies are a race of thieves, in addition to being probably the worst ethnic group on Earth. How dare you judge those poor people! Why, they’re just victims! Africa a Hellish swamp where human values go to die? How dare you criticize those people. They’re just poor! If you were poor, you might act like a depraved animal yourself! Nigerians are a race of thieves in a continent of wickedness and base behavior? Hey, leave those people alone! Those are sun people! They have black skin so they can soak up the godly chemical melanin. How dare you icemen criticize us sunny melanin-enhanced superpeople?

As usual, every time someone says you are “judging,” there are aggressive, even violent screams and even threats of racism. “Sexist! Racist! Homophobe! Bigot! Regressive! Conservative! Reactionary! Nazi! KKK! White supremacist! Jew! Zionist! Pakistani! Transphobe!”

Nowadays, these are just fancy ways of calling a human being an evil person.

There are a lot of other typical feints. The usual one is, “You do it too.” Want to criticize Blacks or the ghetto mess? Whoops, you can’t! Why not? Because it turns out that all of things we accuse ghetto Blacks of, we Whites do them too! So we have no right to talk, see?

Want to criticize India? Can’t! Americans do it too! Although I am still waiting for someone to show me how a typical American city street looks anything like what you will find in New Delhi. Calling out a nation for being corrupt? Whoops! Can’t do that! Why not? We Americans are corrupt too! But…aren’t there degrees of such things, I mean, a little bit corrupt to real corrupt to stark raving crazy off the charts corrupt? Nope. It’s all the same. Citizens United = all the corruption in India.

This is the rhetorical poison that liberal rhetors have foisted on us in the past several decades. What started out as a liberation movement turned into:

apologism for the worst of human behaviors, to put it mildly,

a ban on critiquing any and all human behavior above the level of the individual,

the obviously insane notion that all cultures are equally good,

the profoundly dubious, even on its face, notion that all of the races are created equal (a misreading of the Founding Fathers, by the way),

a torrent of hatred, rage, abuse, discrimination and career-wrecking against anyone who tries to argue from a point of view of higher human values or achievements to criticize another human group on the basis of lower human values or achievements.

What they are trying to accomplish is two things.

1. Apology for sin. I guess there’s no such thing anymore. Except racism. And sexism. But only White males can be that way. And wait. Rape. But only when White men to do it. And sexual harassment – you know, when straight men try to have sex with women? They need to be castrated!

Bottom line is that the Left has decided to apologize for just about every sinful, depraved and wicked behavior on Earth, as long as it is engaged in by some protected class. And in many cases, the Left has turned former sins into virtues. The homosexual who takes 100 penises and a dozen fists up his anus a year while sampling the entire Pharmacopeia and living a life of utter, base depravity is now the pinnacle of human virtue. Incredible. Protection of the bad, and the inversion of sins into virtues.

2. Assault on the good. When people try to suggest that Gypsy thieves, Nigerian internet grifters, Black rapists, welfare mothers with 75 IQ’s and 10 kids, murderous gang members, petty criminals, venal and corrupt people, perverts and deviants, people who set widows on fire and treat other humans as “untouchable” and in general, crooks, thugs, maniacs and more commonly liars, cheaters, thieves and even more trivially, base, degraded, vulgar, apathetic, morally vapid humans are acting like bad or at least somewhat lousy people, then those good people who called out the bad people are now attacked, assaulted, abused, fired, fined, sued, and generally ruined for the crime of favoring the good over the bad.

So while the Left now protects and even extols the bad, it condemns the good and again inverts morality, in this case turning virtue into sin.

This post has been a bit long getting to the point, but if you have followed this far, I think you catch my drift. Suffice to say that the Alt Left is opposed to the trends of the Cultural Left elucidated above.

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