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The Absolute Best Sugar Cookies (& They’re Gluten Free)

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

gluten free sugar cookies
Warning: Get out your tiny violins, cause I need to bitch… just for a second. Promise

In the past month we have had quite a series of unfortunate events at my homestead. First, we hear we have termites and have to TENT the whole house. Next, there is an unidentifiable leak (a.k.a. the ghost leak) slowly drizzling onto my roommates bed. After ripping out her ceiling, we finally find out it’s coming from the kitchen. Awesome.

For an entire week after repairing the leak, we had to have our fridge and oven pulled out away from the wall while industrial fans blew through our entire kitchen. Did I mention that at this point we had to refill our pantries with ALL of the food we had to clear out of the house while getting in tented? Pretty hard to get to the pantry when your fridge is in front of it. Disaster, to say the least.

So there it is, my poor me rant as well as my legit excuse for not posting anything GF related in the past few weeks. Good news though, I am finally settled back into my kitchen and getting my bake on once again.

The other day I has a serious craving for sugar cookies. Which is weird to me because I have never had a strong aversion to sugar cookies. Except the ones I ate pre GF-life that had extremely unnatural yellow or pink icing from the grocery store, do you know the ones I am talking about?

These gluten free friendly ones are actually just as (if not more) yummy, and better for you. I can’t even imagine how bad that artificial colored icing crap is. Eww.

gluten free sugar cookies

gluten free sugar cookies

gluten free sugar cookies

gluten free sugar cookies

– E

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