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The Aberration of Republican Debates

Posted on the 04 November 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
When you're simply too stupid to answer serious political questions. and/or too much of a coward without a political backbone to be honest with any of your answers...fix the debate! so you're not asked any embarrassing questions that would reveal your true natural character...a slimy greedy political scumbag, habitual liar, an indifferent exploiter of ignorance, and a totally dishonorable human being. Whom of the 14 candidates fit that description? Take your pick!...they're all the same, you just can't distinguish rotten garbage. And the GOP is accumulating it in huge piles into a giant political waste dump!
"The Debates are too important to be guided by a daffy document drafted by hotheads, demanding media outlets "pledge" that the temperature in the debate hall "be kept below 67 degrees" ~~~ New York Times 11/3/15 Editorial
A dysfunctional Republican Party out of control!...Reince Priebus is running around with his head up his tushy, about to be chopped off by angry toxic Tea lovers demanding 'change' in the RNC. Translation? The attempt for a hostile takeover of the internal leadership of RNC by the batshit Tea loving sector of the Grand Old Party.
Now, you got 14 Republican Candidates doing their very best imitation of; "Who's on First?" meets "Stupid Is as Stupid Does".
14 Candidates without any sense of decorum, without any sense of direction, and without any type of viable substantial Policy on any single issue. 11 professional politicos and 3 amateurs...yet, extremely difficult to tell them apart, both by their actions and in their wickedly dumb minds!...the entire 2016 GOP Presidential Debates and all its glorious Candidates, ranks as the biggest amateur joke in American Political History.
We're officially in an Election cycle...and one Political Party still just can't get it! Trying to publicly hide their failures, and their inability to conduct themselves in a professional making outrageous demands from the News media! And what's worse...the Public doesn't buy that horseshit! It's all about the dysfunctional ineptness of bunch of Amateurs who call themselves Republican Presidential Candidates...and who can't even comport themselves in any sort of civil decorum. Now, the Class Clown is going to grandstand by negotiating directly with the Network? For this rich asshole, first and foremost is the headline and the sound-bytes...substance? Not in the Republican world...and certainly never for The Donald!
"The GOP can't handle a bunch of CNBC moderators?...let me tell you, if you can't handle those guys...then I don't think the Chinese and Russians are going to be too worried" ~~~ Barack Obama 
To the embarrassment of America, the world is watching our Amateur Show featuring this cast of clowns...and again watching Americans go gaga with these incompetent idiots that call themselves Politicians, trying to become President. But mostly, the stupidity of the Republican Party's effort into picking the least qualified candidate possible!  Sad, what this Nation would become with an incompetent schmuck becoming the leader of the free world?!?!
GOP Candidates Reportedly Finalize Demands For Future Debates

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