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The ABC's of a Medicine Ball

By Roserighter @roserighter
A medicine ball can be used in several ways to get in a good workout, at home or at the gym. It can be used for added reistance during ab exercises, in place of a kettlebell or for a full body workout.This relatively inexpensive peice of fitness equipment may seen basic, but trust me when I say you can feel the burn after a workout using a medicine ball.
I picked up an 8 pound medicine ball. Its smaller than a basketball and heavy like a hand-held weight. A lot of the medicine balls on the market come with instructions or a DVD workout that show you exact ways to use it. Since I was trained how to use one a while back at the gym, I picked up right where I left off.
Performing the ABC's with a medicine ball is no easy task. Basically you act out the letters with full motions while holding the ball firmly between both hands. You use your whole body to make each of the letters, from reaching to squating. As a beginner, you might not be able to make it through the whole alphabet at first. That's okay. Do what you can and commit to making it further with each set. As you progress you can add on a whole second set of the alphabet to burn more fat.

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