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By Princessonfilm @Princessonfilm
The 90s TagLet’s do the 90’s Questions Tag, shall we? It’s a short questionnaire about my favorites from the 90’s. Are you ready? Let’s go!
01. What Kinda TV Services Did You Used To Have ?We used to have the old Telewest Box (Now Virgin Media) and we had what was the first called cabled Television before Sky, The box was very huge and very ugly looking as i can remember it used to sit on top of our video recorder with our Sanyo huge black TV. My Mum took the first contract out with Telewest sometime around 1997 -1998 and we have carried on with there services ever since, When Telewest was rebranded to Virgin Media my brother then took out the Broadband TV and phone and i must admit they are one of the best providers for Broadband and TV.

02.What Was Your Favourite TV Programme ?As there was so much to choose from back then and of course TV was so much better then today and there was so much to choose from, As i used to spend a lot of time with my dad from Friday to Sunday and we used to watch BBC Two's Comedy night every Friday evening from around about 9pm, This had a lot of comedy programmes that was on every week on a Friday evening and the shows were brilliant as i can recall sitting down with my dad watching it all! The programmes included The Fast Show, Shooting Stars & Red Dwarf. As i used to watch a lot of comedy shows when i was growing up and Shooing Stars and Red Dwarf were my all time favorite shows of all time and i still watch these programmes to this present day.

03.What Was Your Favourite Toy ?I had a original Fubry when they came out in 1998 and i can remember asking my mom to get me one for Christmas and back then the Furby was in very high demand as it was the top toy for Christmas 1998, I remember standing in line with my mom and my nan outside Toys R us waiting to get in to the store to get one and the line was massive as i can recall. I was around about 9 at the time and this new toy that was launched was just fantastic and something that i had never seen bore and it was super cute as well, When i saw the ad on the TV for it i thought it was amazing for a 9 year old to have a toy that you could actually speak to it and also connect other furbys to have a conversation together. I managed to get hold of a Furby and i sadly don't know where he has gone now and in a short few years before he died he was speaking in different languages and we couldn't understand him witch was sad as i loved him.I also was able to own a adorable Furby Baby witch was super cute and adorable and my two Furby's connected very well and they loved talking together as well and i was so happy that i had them in my life.As the Furby's got a makeover and was also updated i also went out and bought a new one witch i still have to this day!
04.What Was Your Favourite TV Commercial ?There was so many adverts that i loved in the 90s and theres only one that i loved so much and that was the Impulse Spice by the Spice Girls and when the advert came on i would ask my mom to go out and get me some as it was one of the best fragrances ever made, I just loved how the advert was put together to cause a massive pile up of cars on top of each other.
05.What Was Your Favourite Collectables ?Everyone knows that the Spice Girls Merchandise was huge in 1996 / 1997 and everyone wanted to be a Spice Girl and everyone wanted a piece of there Merchandise including me, I had owned quite a lot of Spice Merchandise when i was 8 and i don't even know what ever happened to it all and i had things like there Stationary range from Pens , Pencils  & There pencil cases There Impulse Spice Fragrance There Asda Range For Christmas 1997 Crazy Dips , Chocolate Bars, Pepsi cans, Shoes , Spice Cam , Clothes and much much more. I loved my Spice Girls Stationary as i was able to take it to school everyday and everyone in my class loved the range.
06.What Was Your Favourite Game Console & Game ?My favorite games console of all time was my very first Playstation as it was something exciting for a 6 year old to see, My dad bought me and my brother the console in 1995 when it came out and it was very expensive well over £500 in today's money and by the time my dad had bought the Playstation i had already owned a Sega Megadrive & Master System witch i loved very much as l loved playing Sonic. In the end we had 3 games consoles when the playstation arrived and it was so much better then the Sega systems as the graphics was amazing for the time and it was a very fun machine to play with, I loved all my games for the playstation as they were so good! Crash Bandicoot was my all time favorite and i couldn't stop playing with it until i had even completed each level. And then there was Spice World by the Spice Girls witch was a very completed game and there was also Porsche Challenge & The Getaway witch was for the Playstation 2 witch you could play in the Playstation 1 for a limited time.

07.What Was Your Favourite Clothing Shop?There was so many good shops back in my time and i can remember a shop called ETam and they also had Tammy Girl witch was downstairs in the shop and there clothes and shoes were amazing and  my mom would always buy me some lovely clothes from there every month and they would last me a very long time as well, I can remember having a pair of Purple platform sandals from there that came in a plastic carry bag and they were beautiful and i loved them the first time i saw them in the shop,I only wore the sandals a few times and they had came apart from the top and i was absolutely gutted very much, Anyways my mom managed to take them back and they gave me a new pair and they were the best pair of sandals that i ever had in my childhood.

08.What Kinda Music Did You Listen To ?I used to listen to a lot of music while i was growing up and i can remember listing to Dance / Rave when i was about 5 or 6 as my brother got me into it and then i loved the Spice Girls (didn't everyone) and then it was Steps and other bands but there was no doubt that i was a Spice Girls Fan for sure, My mom also collected the Now That's What I Call Muisc Cd's and the ones that brings back memories for me was Now 38 & 39 Witch holds tonnes of Memories.
09.Do You Remember Using The Internet For The Very First Time ?actually do remember using the internet for the first time and i can recall it being very slow and there was hardly any sites on there apart from eBay and Amazon witch was basic for the time,My dad used to own a very old computer in his bedroom and i would also mess around with it and use a programme called Paintbox, My dad used to have a lot of free software magazines witch had free CD's inside them and i can remember one that was offering the internet for very low prices and there was so many providers witch has now long gone and this is when i saw AOL for the very first time, When i used the internet around about 1997 my dad had to plug in the telephone line to connect up the modem and the noise it made was so loud and sometimes i still relive that moment when i use the internet to this day, When you were connected i can remember that the phone line couldn't be used and this was a pain in the neck when someone wanted to use the phone.
10.Do You Remember Those Famous BBC 2 Idents From 1991 ?I Still remember these idents like they were first showed on the BBC way back in 1991, I only remember seeing the Silk ident from 1991 when i was around 2 and when i saw it for the first time i ended up hiding behind the sofa as the Music used also scared me and i wouldn't come out until the ident had gone, As i got older the BBC had brought out some amazing idents including the Fluffy Dog, The Car the Zapper, Neon witch i all loved very much, In 2002 the BBC decided to kill off some of the idents witch i didn't like and i was gutted as i would always wait for my favorite ident to come on, In 2014 the BBC decided to bring the famous Idents back and also updating them to HD and also improvements was made to each ident.
12. Where Did You Used To Do Your Monthly & Weekly Shop ?As we didn't live far from town we used to do our shopping in Asda as it was a lot cheeper and you would get a lot for your money's worth not like today, My mom & my step dad was working full time and bringing home a good pay so we were able to spend around about £300 on our shopping for a month and there was a lot there and the drinks and household goods were all cheep as well.
13. Do You Remember The Millennium ?I don't remember a lot of it as i was only 9 when it actuallyhappened and i can remember also my brother had caught the Millennium bug and he was living with my dad at the time and he was that ill that my dad wasn't feeding him and he didn't basically care, My mom thought that my brother was going to die as he was seriouslyunwell and my mom had to take him to Hospital before time was up,My brother made a full recovery and my mom had kept a eye on him for a few weeks to make sure he was recovering well and he was about 20 at the time it happened. Asda also had a huge collection of goodies from Clothes and accessories to celebrate the Millennium and i had a lovely black top with the year 2000 on with Silver waiting witch i loved very much.

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