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The 7 Deadly Sins of Running

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Sure, you can read Runner’s World or some technical running blog and learn about the real running mistakes we make like over striding, doing too much too soon, not fueling well, and wearing the wrong shoes. But, on this here blog, I would like to outline the less known sins that runners commit.

The First Deadly Sin: Talking about how great your long run was to an injured runner. Not cool. And, you might get punched or shot.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Running

The Second Deadly Sin: Wearing a race t-shirt of a race you haven’t done. This, of course, is personal preference…some people just like a good shirt and don’t care what it says or represents. I, however, think I have to earn the shirt before I wear it. 

The Third Deadly Sin: Not waving to other runners. When you are running and someone is running towards you, give a damn wave. Just do it. It seriously takes two seconds and no energy. It’s not like you have to strike up a conversation about Obamacare or your poop habits. Just acknowledge your fellow runner. We truly are a secret little club. Let’s support each other.


The Fourth Deadly Sin: Wearing white tights/shorts. Just don’t do it. It is far too risky. I am all about risk-taking, but even I would never trust a fart or a what could happen to a white pair of shorts/tights while running.

The Fifth Deadly Sin: Lying about your race time. Remember when Paul Ryan did this? He said he ran a sub three hour marathon, when in actuality it was a 4:01. Slight difference. The truth is, anyone can look up your race time. Don’t fudge it. Just be honest. If people only like you because you ran a certain time, they’re not worth hanging out with anyway.

The Sixth Deadly Sin: Getting on a moving treadmill or closing your eyes on a  treadmill.  Once I did get on a treadmill at the gym that someone had left on. I promptly got sling-shotted across the gym, bruising my ass and my ego. Some people tell me they wanted to try visualization or relaxation and closed their eyes while on the ‘mill. Yeah, that is not recommended either.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Running

The Seventh Deadly Sin: Over discussing your running with non-runners. Yes, they politely ask how your training is going.  This does not mean they want a 30 minute run-down on your planned race pace, your zero drop shoes, your bodily functions on your 20 mile run, and how much Vaseline you need to put on to avoid chafing.  Know when to say when!


Ever done any of the above? Yes, the Third, Sixth and Seventh.

Any other “sins”/mistake you can think of?


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