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That Was August

By Scarecrow

That was August

The August view of the back end of the garden

The end of August also means the end of Winter in Scarecrow's Garden and the last week brought a frost each morning.

That was August

Almond trees in flower mean winter is nearly over

Rainfall August 20.6mm (August Average 37mm)
Year to date total 145mm (2018 YTD 136.2mm)
Coldest morning -2.4C on the 5 Aug
Warmest day 20.7C on the 31 Aug
20 frosty mornings

That was August

Looks like we will have a great harvest of Rhubarb later this year

Mainly harvesting this month:
Miners Lettuce
Silverbeet (chard)
Spring Onion greens
Nettles for mulching (beds)
Grasses for chook food and bedding (as it dries)
4-7 Eggs daily from the girls

That was August

Quangdongs Santalum acuminatum - fruit forming now

but won't be ripe until almost Christmas time

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