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That’s What Happens to Your Breasts When You Have a Baby

By Jeak @mylifeandheath

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That’s what happens to your breasts when you have a baby

Having a child is a miracle. That wonderful moment is eagerly awaited by the parents and even the family. But the mother was, is and will remain the only person who can describe the true story of a child. The adventure she has had since her pregnancy and after childbirth can only be told by herself. Having a baby will change his life but also his body that will keep track of what she experienced. The skin expands and stretch marks appear … Breasts are the best known organ to undergo changes given their crucial role in this experience and sensitivity to any hormonal change.

To better help you prevent the effects of changes in your breasts, it is first necessary that you understand what happens to them during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and apply methods and tips to reduce the risk of these transformations maximum .

During the period of pregnancy
During pregnancy, the breasts begin to already prepare for breastfeeding. Expectant mothers notice that their breasts become larger and become firm. Weight gain overall body is quite normal in that period, but it also touches your chest. In the case of a healthy weight gain, weight gain and breast fat reserves is estimated at 3 Kg.

The nipples also become larger and darker areola. It also happens that the breasts become painful or sensitive. The prolactin levels begin to increase in the body of the woman, pending delivery.

After childbirth
After delivery, there comes a hormonal change breasts preparing to perform their nursing role. The estrogen and progesterone -whose role was to inhibit the secretion of milk – will come down quickly, it allows prolactin to play its role. When the infant sucks the nipple of his mother, the mammary gland therefore produce milk. Plus it sucks, the more milk becomes abundant.

Sometimes the breasts greatly diminish in size and fall after feeding. But do not believe that it is breastfeeding that abyss your chest, it is the result of all the effects induced by pregnancy and childbirth on your body.

Here are some practical tips to apply after delivery to minimize these effects:

– Wear a nursing bra.

– Avoid induce a sudden change in the volume of your breasts: with severe diets, a sudden cessation in the week following the birth (when milk flow is at its peak), …

– Moisturize your breasts by not applying creams on the nipple.

– Try to make a smooth withdrawal after 5 months at the minimum.

Before you even get pregnant and have a baby, you have to get used to taking care of your breasts, to prepare changes to expect and also for their good health and well-being. Here are some tips for taking care of your chest:

– Healthy eating: foods with whole grains rich in fiber and low in fat. Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. also opt for foods phytoestogènes (plant estrogens or isoflavones) that are recommended by scientists to fight against breast cancer (soya, lentils, cereals …). By cons limit your intake of caffeine and carbonated drinks.

– Physical activity is very important, we must exercise regularly.

– Limit alcohol consumption and do not smoke.

– Make sure to choose the right bra, although comfortable.

That’s what happens to your breasts when you have a baby

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