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That “it” Girl

By Dinarazik @dinarazik


The girl we enviously hate but secretly want to be.

     You’re up in the morning, ready to take on the day. You’re dressed in your best, you’re wearing a new pair of Jimmy Choos you’ve snagged over the weekend. You look good, you smile at yourself one last time in the mirror before you head out the door, congratulating yourself on the outfit you’ve conjured up.

     While you wait in the Starbucks line for your coffee,  in walks a girl whose outfit you felt like you should have worn. She’s immaculately put together and exudes confidence in her strides. Immediately, you’re outfit falls flat, you try to smooth out invisible lines that were never there, you tug at your skirt, and try to stand a little taller. Sartorial envy starts to set in and you hate what you’re wearing, “How do I be that girl?” you ask. That evening, you’re back in your closet ripping it apart and pulling pieces that are the replica of what that girl was wearing. You’ve finally got it together, you walk in front of the mirror expecting the same effect but somethings off. Something’s missing. What did she have that you don’t?

     Confidence. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be the same girl but you can be your own version of her. What was missing was your own confidence in what you were wearing. Its important to be able to take inspiration from others while also being able to stay true to your own sense of style. You can be that girl without having to try to be that other girl.

Photo Courtesy of JAK & JILL 

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