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Thankful Thursday on a Wednesday

By Lollicious @lollicious
Thankful Thursday on a Wednesday
I am terrible... The beautiful Sonia from Shes Sonic (Link here) nominated me last Thursday to do a Thankful Thursday Post, I have been sick, moving and slack...
The Thankful Thursday concept was created by Kate from Kate Says Stuff and today she has asked bloggers to share 3 reasons why they are awesome and then tag 3 other bloggers to remind them of how awesome they are. Love this, we all need to stop and remember why we are so darn lovable and fantastic sometimes so this is a wonderful opportunity
I am thankful to Sonia for tagging me and thankful also for her amazing friendship and inspiration. She is a stunning girl both inside and out. She is classicly stylish and on trend, she is also kind hearted and fun, a wonderful writer and a cute little tradie..
So here is my Thankful Thursday post below...
Thankful Thursday on a Wednesday
1. Im Generous, warm hearted and loving. I accept anyone and everyone for who they are and have been bought up to treat everyone as equals. I love to meet new people, and can see the good in  anyone. I have friends spread out around the globe and it makes me smile that I have met so many wonderful people and they have touched my life and continue to be friends despite distance and time zones. x
2. Im honest and loyal. I am a good friend, there i said it. I am loyal to a T, I will do anything for a friend. Almost to my detriment I will do anything to help a friend... I have had some hard lessons with friends and am a little jadded when it comes to girls and trusting them but I am getting there and letting people get close to me and im happy. x
3. Im creative, hard working and a team player. I love to get things done and am determined.. I am not competitive, I wont stomp on anyone to succeed rather ill drag you along with me so we get there together.
I love women who share their lives, achievements and fabulousness. Lets try and celebrate one another more often, we are wonderful and amazing. xxx

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