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Thank Me Please

By V3rv0se

Would you ever ask someone to say thank you to you?

This week at Harper Morgan English we’re discussing this [1] inspiring video by Laura Trice. In her presentation Laura explains that although we feel perfectly comfortable expressing our gratitude for other people – saying thank you when someone does something we appreciate – we are not able to ask for people to say thank you to us.

Laura talks about the importance of hearing that people are proud of us and the life changing effects not being told this can have on a person. She gives the example of a patient of hers and his father stressing the importance of the patient’s wellbeing as a result of knowing his father was proud of him.

Laura believes that, although it is vital to hear that our peers are grateful to us, we are too self conscious to tell people that we want our efforts to be acknowledged. She goes on to say that if you point out that you’d like someone to praise you for doing your job well, you are showing them that you feel insecure about your job.

So here are some things for you to consider;

When was the last time someone thanked you? Was it for something simple or was it a deeper expression of gratitude? How often do people say thank you to you? Do you expect or want to hear ‘thank you’ more often?

Do you ever want to receive praise for something you’ve done? Is it important for other people to tell you that you’ve done something well? Do you think it’s a sign of insecurity to seek praise from others?

As ever we are very interested in hearing what you think so comment, share and join the conversation. Thanks for reading!

[1] B1+

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