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Thandaai -Sugar Free and Home Made

By Shalinidigvijay @shalinidigvijay
Its summer time and the parents have a new fridge.
A new side by side LG Fridge, so things had to be made to fill the fridge.
So we made Thandaai.
Sugar free and healthy.
Thandaai -Sugar Free and Home MadeTotally North Indian .
Thandaai -Sugar Free and Home MadeBut the store bought variety is laced with sugar and minimal amounts of almonds etc.
Thandaai -Sugar Free and Home MadeSo best made at home.
Make fresh for daily consumption and healthy to boot.
Fennel seeds, pepper, poppy seeds and cardamom are cooling.
Saffron,almonds and pistachio are super foods.
Milk of course is fabulous.
All it needs is a little prior planning for siaking the seeds, a blender and some ice.
Looks royal...
Well, it is a drink if the royalty.
Most of the ingredients were too costly for the peasants,so the rich drank in silver glasses.
Something to do with the taaseer of the drink.
These quantities make 4 servings. You may of course add sugar, but remember stevia or sugar free will spoil the taste.
For the
Thandaai -Sugar Free and Home Made
You need
1 tbsp green cardamom
1 tbsp fennel seeda or saunf
1/2 tsp black pepper or pepper powder
1 tbsp poppy sewds
2 tbsp shelled pistachio
1 tsp deied rose petals optional
4 tbsp almonds
2 cups water
2 cups milk
Generous pinch saffron
Take a look at the colors that go into this.
Thandaai -Sugar Free and Home Made
Soak the almonds,poppy seeds and pistachio in a glass of water overnight. Or atleast 2 hours.
Thandaai -Sugar Free and Home Made
In the dry grinder jar or coffee grinder grind the pepper, fennel seeds and cardamom. Sieve through a tea strainer,you dont want stringy cardamom peel in your mouth.If you are using rose petals ,grind them now. I didn't have any...
Thandaai -Sugar Free and Home MadeJust fine powder.
Thandaai -Sugar Free and Home MadeThe almonds are all plump, you want to peel,you peel. I didn't. Not worth the effort.
Thandaai -Sugar Free and Home MadeInto the wet grinder the soaked almonds,pistachio and poppy seeds  with the water strained out via a tea strainer, along with the powder and half cup water.
Thandaai -Sugar Free and Home MadeGrind to a fine paste so that you can't identify anything individually. Now add the remaining water and run the mixie to get out all the thandai paste. It will stick to the blades,so your spatula will just fail.
Soak the saffron in a spoon of warm milk.
Thandaai -Sugar Free and Home MadeI addd the water in bits and remove most of the paste into a glass jug. Or silver jug .
Add in the milk and saffron.
Thandaai -Sugar Free and Home MadeTaste and add more water or milk if needed. Allow to chill atleast a couple of hours.
Thandaai -Sugar Free and Home Made
Serve chilled without ice,that dilutes the flavors. You can add a wee bit saffron on top too.
Thandaai -Sugar Free and Home Made
Thandaai -Sugar Free and Home MadePerfect for a summer day. We were sitting and enjoying the Summer Time Rose blossom.Sweet enough without sugar, else honey or maple syrup is also an option. Enjoy rhis cooling and super healthy nuts laden drink and feel like royalty.PS ,you'll be safe from the wrath of the sun if you drink this Thandaai. Store bought ones are good but they are laden with sugar and preservatives. Make yours fresh daily and add as much or as less as you need.Enjoy.
A holiday is always special, and one.with parents is always better.Make some memories .
So what are you baking today???

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