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Testosterone and IQ: More Complicated Than It Seems

Posted on the 02 April 2015 by Calvinthedog

Lynne writes:



And here.

I’m just a lay person, but based on everything I’ve read and inquired about so far on this subject, I would have to conclude that high testosterone coupled with high intelligence would lead to creativity and risk taking behaviors (still associated with impulsivity), while high IQ with low intelligence would lead to more violent forms of expression.

This might suggest that the individual with the higher testosterone intelligence has a strong moral center and sense of right and wrong. I think these findings might reveal that they have a lot to do with the studies they’ve done on sociopathy and psychopathy, in where the frontal cortex has deficits in reasoning ability and decision making.

Great stuff. This is an excellent addition to the debate. It looks like things are a lot more complex than just High T = Low IQ and Low T = High IQ.

If higher IQ does indeed correlate with better frontal cortex functioning, then perhaps this is the solution to the mystery of  why intelligence is positively associated with morality. As I say to my friends, “Dumb people are sort of automatically dangerous, just on account of being dumb and for no other reason.” In other words, stupidity is dangerous. Most people I tell this to are bright and they all start laughing right away.

As IQ declines, prefrontal functioning is increasingly impaired. A person with a slow prefrontal cortex is often less moral than one with a prefrontal cortex in good shape.

I have often noted when IQ drops down below 100 towards the 85-90 range in any race, people seem to become less moral and sociopathy, manipulation, violence and exploitative behavior seem to increase. You start seeing a lot more theft, even just petty theft. A person with an IQ in that range will come over to your place and steal $5. Or a bag of chips. Or borrow $5 and refuse to pay it back. Penny ante stuff.

This sort of thing really infuriates a lot of Whites because it seems so chickenshit. I always thought that if you are going to steal something, make it a good haul. Steal something that is worth a fair amount of money. Ripping off someone for pocket change or a bag of chips seems to petty, and it almost seems doubly infuriating because it is so senseless and insulting.

Someone came to my place and stole a knife worth $175 from me. I hate him, but I get it. It makes sense. That thing was worth money.

Someone who steals $3 or a bag of chips from me? I don’t get it. It doesn’t even make sense. It almost makes me more angry because it seems to senseless and it is almost more insulting than someone who steals something of value. Stealing little stuff seems like a real slap in the face.

I am sure there are a lot more things going into this intelligence = morality equation, but this looks like one of the big ones.

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