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Testa Di Vitello Alla Sanseverino

By Steve @hli_steve

This recipe itself is just the thing for a pro chef who knows when and what to do. This recipe testa di vitello alla sanseverino was an experimental project turned bad and something else was made of it. Not that this testa di vitello alla sanseverino taste bad or anything else, in my opinion it is different but to get it to that level only a pro chef can make it due to various reason. Now I know this healthy lunch ideas recipe is a bit of sad news for amateur chefs but once it has been perfected and the step are made more clear than even  a novice would be able to make this testa di vitello alla sanseverino healthy lunch ideas recipe.


  • Calf’s head,
  • sweetbread,
  • fowl’s liver,
  • anchovies,
  • herbs,
  • capers,
  • garlic,
  • bacon,
  • ham,
  • Malmsey or Muscat.
  1. Boil and bone half a calf’s head, and fill it with a stuffing made of half a pound of sweetbread, a fowl’s liver, two anchovies, a teaspoonful of chopped herbs, a few chopped capers, and the calf’s brains.
  2. Roll the head up, stitch it together and braize it in half a tumbler of Malmsey or Australian Muscat (Burgoyne’s), half a cup of very good white stock, somebits of hamand bacon, and a clove of garlic with two cuts.
  3. Cook it gently for four hours and serve it with its own sauce.
  4. Do not leave the garlic in longer than ten minutes.

Testa di Vitello alla Sanseverino

Photo by: Clownhouse III

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