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Terms For Various IQ Ranges

Posted on the 18 May 2016 by Calvinthedog
140+ -    Genius
130-139 - Very Superior
120–129 - Superior
110–119 - High Average
90–109 -   Average
80–89 -    Low Average
70–79 -    Borderline
69 and below - Extremely Low (Ryn Bishof level)

This is what I mean when I talk about people having a genius IQ. It just means you have an IQ over 140. That’s it.

Problem is there are two separate definitions of IQ.

One is simply a term for a range on an IQ test.

The other is the term we apply to certain remarkably gifted rate human beings such as Mozart and Einstein.

The problem comes in because morons confuse the two definitions. Typically, people think that genius only means definition #2 above. Therefore when someone say they have a genius IQ (which is sort of like saying you are 6’2 feet tall) they are routinely savagely attacked for supposedly claiming that they are definition #2.

You try to explain tho them that there are tw3o definitions of the word and you get anger, denial and bluster. Many people will insanely say that definition #1 does not even exist and that the only definition of the word is definition #2. however,. if you look in a dictionary, you will see that there is more than one definition to the word. Most people seem to have a hard time understanding (possibly because they are retarded) that words in human languages can actually have more than one meaning. Gasp!

My father liked to think in this concretistic, non-analytical way. He thought words had only one definition, and he would often even reject the Oxford Dictionary if it contradicted him. He also refused to believe in the concept of slang and how slang could create new definitions for existing words that meant something different from what most people think the word meant. My father said that people who believed this were simply mistaken. Those slang users who were using the word with the new meaning they gave to it were simply using the word wrong as he put it.

Anyway what I am pointing out here is that anyone with an IQ over 140 can call themselves a genius, although that might create a lot of unneeded backlash. Instead they could simply say that they have a genius IQ, which is simply a 100% true fact.

It’s not a value ‘judgement or bragging or arrogance or anything like that, though you might want to watch how you say it so you don’/t come across as a douchebag. However, stated modestly, saying that one has a genius IQ is about as arrogant as saying that one is 6’2. It is simply a statement of fact about the individual. One is the scientific and precise measurement of one’s height. The other is the scientific and precise measurement of one’s intelligence.

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