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TEN Spring Water for Healthy Hydration

By Debi Lantzer @debiL1611


How many of you are like me and only drink bottled water these days?  I crossed over the Florida state line over 11 years ago and I haven’t had tap water since that time. When I lived in Ohio, I always drank water right out of the tap, whether that was a good thing or not. I wasn’t worried about it since I was also overweight, drinking soda and not taking care of myself at all. Back then, it never occurred to me to buy the water that I would be drinking. Then everything changed when I moved to Florida because by then, I was taking care of myself a little better and quite frankly, the water was awful tasting. I immediately started drinking whichever bottled spring water was on sale.

fullsizerender Flash forward ten years and there are so many times throughout the day that I’m reaching for more water and I’ve found now that I’ve given up soda, I drink even more water.  I drink water when I wake up, while I’m working out, sleeping, resting, watching television, driving, and even when I’m at work at my desk job. On a good day, I drink 100 ounces of water.

I’ve now grown to have a “preference” when purchasing bottled water – well, that is, until I learned about TEN spring water by Alkalife. Apparently not all bottled water is created the same.

The more I learned about TEN by Alkalife on their website, and especially when I read the comparison to the various bottled waters that I purchased on a regular basis,  I knew I needed to try this bottled water.  

I headed to my local Publix grocery store and picked up a week’s worth of this bottled water and I was not disappointed. I also continued reading and learning about my new favorite water.  

When you drink Alkalife TEN, you experience water like no other. Many bottled waters can be acidic, but Alkalife TEN is no ordinary water because it has been infused with a patented formulation of minerals for an optimal pH level of 10. With essential alkaline minerals, Alkalife TEN water is rich with electrolytes, resulting in a higher pH, just like water found in the purest glaciers.


Alkalife TEN provides you with alkaline minerals and electrolytes for peak bodily performance and ultimate well-being. Alkalife TEN is infused with a patented alkaline mineral formula that plays an important part in keeping your body free from acid waste buildup. Alkalife TEN water is the foundation of an alkaline lifestyle, enabling your body to eliminate harmful toxins. Left unchecked, these waste products become cholesterol, fatty acid, uric acid, kidney stones, urates, phosphates, and sulfates.

ten-by-alkalife-1-liter When you drink Alkalife TEN you reap the benefits associated with an alkaline diet and lifestyle. You become less susceptible to both infectious and degenerative disease. You even experience more energy throughout the day and quicker recovery from physical activity. In short, you give your body what it needs to achieve extraordinary health and longevity.

Our bodies tend to be overly acidic primarily due to diet, stress and the air we breathe. Alkaline water helps restore your body’s pH level to a balanced state. A body that is well balanced is better able to remain healthier and more active. Better hydration means more energy too!

Alkalife TEN is sourced only from pure, natural springs and bottled at the source. It comes from some of the best quality springs in the country. Most bottled water, including alkaline and electrolyte water, is sourced from municipal sources (filtered tap water) or limestone aquifers which can deliver non-absorbable calcium. When you drink Alkalife TEN you know you are drinking only the purest spring water, with the highest pH available.

Alkalife TEN water is sourced from underwater caves deep below the earth’s surface. These caves are natural quartzite and granite aquifers with rock so dense that they naturally filter the water to an incredibly ultra-pure state. From these caves the water flows directly to a nearby bottling facility through a sealed delivery system. Our water never sees the light of day until it is in the bottle, ready to be shipped to a store near you! Unlike other bottled waters, Alkalife TEN water is never placed on a truck to be delivered and bottled at a remote location. The total dissolved solid (TDS) content is some of the lowest measured in the U.S., without having to modify the natural composition of the spring.

Do you want to know more?  Be sure to head over to Alkalife TEN’s website and read up for yourself.  Then head over to your local grocery store and pick up the best water you can drink! You can find a location near you by clicking HERE.

I received samples of this product in exchange for my post but was not required to post a positive review. My opinions on the product are my own.

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