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Temple Which Has Its Own Customs and Protocol

By Vishnudas

Temple Which Has Its Own Customs and ProtocolSreevallabha Temple which is dedicated to Lord Sreevallabhan is one of the pristine and historical temples of Kerala. Millions of devotees gather every year to commemorate the deeds of Sreevallabhan.  
Located at a site of Thiruvalla town this temple is one of the oldest and biggest temples of Kerala and can be consider as the chief religious tomb of people. Renowned for its architectural beauty this temple is one of the 108 Divya Desams. 
Within the premises of temple you will witness the dance form of Kathakali which comes into act everyday speaks the volume of flourishing art and culture of Kerala. 
HistoryIts history is very much associated with the powers and sage of Lord Krishna who come into view as Sreevallabhan for astute Durvasa and Khandakarnan.  As the lord was very pleased by the prayers of Brahmin Lady Sreevallabhan, reincarnation of Brahmachari, who killed the demon Thokalaasuran in her turn.
Maintaining its own customs and rituals the temple follows its own protocols of Worship and it is to be found nowhere. It is believed that the sage of Durvasa and Saptarishi used to climb the doors of temple midnight to worship the lord. 
It is amazing to know that later the idol of Sreevallabhan worshipped by Lakshmi and Krishna was established in temple in 59 B.C and since then temple has its own sorts of prayers and entreaty 
ArchitectureBuilt in pure aesthetic way, the temple is silently settled at the banks of Manimala River and its picturesque backdrop and magical ambiance has made this temple chief attributes of kerala. Commanding an area of 8.5 acres the huge wall that covers the might of the temple is said to be built within a night by a servant of lord. Beside that the surroundings of temple is bounded by 12 ft tall, 566 feet long and 4.5 feet granite walls.
Grandeur architecture which is designed and decorated with unique costumes is complimented by stone and wooden carvings. Amazing Mural paintings which reflects the art of that time is so exquisite and on top of that the vibes of the temple is overvalued by Alvars and different ancient works.
Legends There are many legends that played their part in discovering the plinth of this amazing temple some of which are Ascend of Sreevallabhan’s idol to the earth, Tapasya of sage Durvasa, Khandakarnan and his bells, Installation of Sudarshana, Humiliation of Antharjanam and miracle and many more.
Festivals Mainly there are two main festivals which they celebrate with huge gatherings and prayers. Thiru uthsavam and Uthra Sreebali. Utshavam which is celebrated for ten days gives importance to holy bath and it is celebrated between the month of February and March.
Uthra Sreebali, which is the most celebrated festival of this temple, is celebrated between the month of March and April and it is celebrated to commemorate the conduct of goddesses.
How to ReachJust 750 meters, south to Ramapuram vegetable mart and 500 meters south to the direction of Kavumbhagom junction which on its way meets the state highway 12 of Thiruvalla-Ambalappuzha is just 2.5 km away from railway station of Thiruvalla and just 2 km away from KSRTC bus stand.

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