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Ted Cruz: The Hell with the Northeast!...It's a "Statutory Obligation" to Aid Texas!

Posted on the 29 May 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
I guess, God meant for all this to happen...if you're a Climate Change Denier. So! why would you want the Federal Government that you hate so much, to help you? What's the difference between a Hurricane in New Jersey and New York...and a Flood in Texas? Screw all the devastation of the Northeast!...but when it comes to Texas? It's the Federal Government's "Statutory Obligation" to rescue the Lone Star State!
Where are all those climate deniers in Texas? Most of them? currently in self-denial of their own stupidity...while demanding, wishing, and even hoping the Federals will bring them Aid. You're not going to find too many people believing that the 'end' is here...for a brief extraordinary moment when reality sets in, their ignorance slap's them right in the back of their heads! and their cry for help and thanks to the US Government is real, and may even be sincere...they'll naturally, forget and go back to their ways, be re-born back into their own stupid selves once again, some other day.
Brenda Ekwurzel of the Union of Concerned Scientists, said; “When you have a warmer atmosphere, then you have the capability to hold more water vapor”...“When storms organize, there’s much more water you can wring out of the atmosphere compared to the past". Do you truly believe all these long tall Texans are going to rush and question their anti-science believes, in the wake of what's currently arising? A better question would be; Isn't there any Fix whatsoever for Stupid??
“Billions of $$ in damage in Texas & Oklahoma. Still no weather-caster may utter the phrase Climate Change”. They really, really hate Bill Nye in Texas! This Science the light of what's happening and the residents' own personal experiences with the storm...makes too many people think! and 'Critical Thinking' is forbidden in Texas!
Ted Cruz voted opposing Federal Aid for Hurricane Sandy, as did Tom Cotton, who said that he didn't think "Arkansas needs to bail out the Northeast"...then went begging when they got flooded! And ditto for Colorado's GOP Congressional Delegation...Screw Sandy, but please, please, please, help Colorado!
The Republican Party and their stand against Climate Change...instigated by Big $$$, and fueled by sheer Religious insult to the mentality of Americans and that of rest of the World; and a future lousy, nasty Chapter in American and World History!
"Climate Change" is real. If Evangelical America wants to deny it, and believe what the Bible has to say within their interpretations...then enjoy your own personal 'End of Days' in the Flood...Ciao, baby! 
Ted Cruz adopts a new posture on disaster aid | MSNBC

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