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Technology: A Vast Wasteland?

Posted on the 28 January 2015 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl

          00000001Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, technology held different mediums. Television, newspaper, and radio was mainstream media. Only the elite owned computers. Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Woody Woodpecker, Chips, and the Andy Griffith Show were big hits.  Radio was the avenue to stardom in the music industry. Game Halls with jukeboxes, pool tables, and game machines were number one hangouts for all ages. Oh, how I long for those days! However, the days of ‘family’ television and entertainment is that of the past. No more Black & White’s; no more vinyl records.

   No. Today we have, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, South Park, American Dad, Family Guy, and the Walking Dead. Disgusting at best! Instead of records, we have IPods, smart phones, and YouTube. A whole network of so called reality –which is, far from reality! The F-word is normal for late night TV. All other curse words are fair game all day. Sexual situations are blatant; sex education via sitcom. Even today’s cartoons are foul in nature; filled with situational ethics. It seems, there is no right and wrong –only gray areas.

   Yet, banishing television would barely put a dent in said issue; especially when, the internet is full of input. Look up ‘cupcake’ on Google, see what pops up! Nothing is sacred in the world of cyberspace. The internet is full of perverts, hackers, and criminals of all types. Yet, we let our children walk alone, down the dark halls of illusion called Facebook, Twitter, Tagged, and, MySpace. All a cesspool of anonymous strangers, who are undoubtedly not who they say. Haven’t we always taught children “Don’t talk to strangers”?

   However, strangers lurk around every fiber optic corner. Waiting, watching, playing games with your family. Online gaming has taken the place of pinball machines and Donkey Kong. Games such as Second Life, World of War Craft, and Pot Farm have commandeered the gaming world. In addition too, role-playing war games for multi-players. Gamers can meet other avid gamers –competing to death. For the mentally ill, this can become their reality.

   So, what do we do in this catch 22 ‘technology’ era? With the First Amendment Right at risk, it’s impossible to say “Someone cannot express oneself”. However, at some point, other people’s Rights infringe on mine. At what point do we say, some things are NOT okay? Expression and subjection ride a fine line. I, we, should not be subjected to rude, crude, expressions which, degrade the values of society; along with the attitudes of our young. Respect is a minority in cyberspace. But, is technology really a vast wasteland? Not worth salvage? No. Like any technology, it’s all how you use it! It’s how we educate people about cybercrime. It’s all about security.

   Below is the solution to this conundrum:

There’s an off/on button you’re in control of! That button is your Right to Freedom of Expression –and, an end to unwanted Freedom of Expression.

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