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Taung Kalat Temple

By Khanhpv

Taung Kalat temple, the spiritual characteristics of Burma. The local god worship 37 legend and tragic story line of god.

Burma is a country of Southeast Asia, close to Bangladesh, India, Laos and Thailand China. In the modern history of the most, the isolation of Burma and the rest of the world, when the absolute rule of military government in power country, let the country must face Qu condemnation C because of violations of international human rights.


 However, despite these things happen, Burma still has a glorious past, a rich legacy system. One example is the inspiration for Taung Kalat temple.

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Wave of Bashan, volcano 1.518 feet above the sea level in the center of Burma, about 50 kilometers (31 miles) southeast of Bagan in the Pegu alps. Wave is the most Bashan may know many Buddhist temples around as beautiful paintings. At PopA hours (this is the Sanskrit Sanskrit) means "flower", which is considered sacred mountain, in Burma, the home of the gods NAT.

Taung Kalat (which means you in Southwest Mountain), Bashan mountain wave, Pegu volcano in central Burma. This is a Taung Kalat Stone Button (extrusive volcano volcano, sealed) have been closed now. Taung Kalat is sometimes called the wave. In order to avoid confusion, volcano is the local people called Taung and gyi hill, meaning "mother".

Taung Kalat is built on top of the mountain, visitors should climb stairs brave, Taung 777 can enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding Kalat monastery. In addition to being a tourist spot, the monastery is a place of pilgrimage. People believe that Taung is not far from the mountains where gyi and NAT are the living god.

In the Buddhist belief in Burma, Nana is a group of God's role is to protect the human and soul of the jungle. The God of nature worship, even before being input to the Buddhist belief in Burma, although has been added to the Dharma when it appeared in third Century.

There is an important role in the time of the 37 Nana God state tower temple. Most of my natural life, there is a death of a cruel life. The story - perhaps a legend. Although all the gods worshipped in 37 - Taung and gyi, but only four of the existence of God in this place. This is a Maung tint, I see Yar, byatta wunna tomorrow. Every one of God's story to tell their own way, they become God's NAT.


According to legend, is a Maung tint for a long time in the kingdom of the legendary blacksmith Tagaung sold in sixth Century. You are strong, even the king was afraid. Therefore, the king decided to get rid of Maung tint by fraud.

The king announced the appointment of a sister Maung tint hard blacksmith and queen palace to rejoice. Caught in the Maung tint, tough, tied in the tree with gold - PA and combustion. When I hear your sister also jumped on the fire. The two brothers Maung tint die hard, become the God of nature live in a burning tree.

Because people walk in the curse of a tree, so the king ordered to cut down trees and thrown into the river irrawaddy. Through the water, trees are considered to be rushed to Bagan in the reign of thlgyang all the time. Finally, the king had the tree, the photos and your sister Maung tint and gyi Taung and stored in the hard top.

After wunna byatta legends speak of time tomorrow. In Eleventh Century, King anawrahta's rule, byatta is the one from India, he ran very fast, occupation choice anurudha king. You can run 10 times / day, from Taung and gyi to Bagan (about 50 km), and then back to offer flowers to the king.

On a trip to Taung, gyi, byatta fell in love with a woman's love, tomorrow wunna flowers, eat live in the mountains, there are two children.

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