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By Rubytuesday
As you know
I got my nose pierced a couple of months agoAs well as that My ears are pierced five timesAnd in the past I've had my eye brow and belly button pierced I feel like I've been bitten by the piercing bugAs I now want to get something else pierced I would really love to get my labret done
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But the last piercer I spoke to said that it wouldn't work on me
And would interfere with my lower gums I would like to get my belly button pierced again
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But I'd so like to get a facial piercing So maybe my septum
  Image result for septum piercing
Or between my nose and my upper lip
 Image result for between nose and upper lip piercing
I haven't quite decided yet
Also I would like to get my first tattooI've toyed with the idea for a long timeBut couldn't decide on an imageI really like wings on shoulder bladesNot a huge pair But quite sizeable
Or else I would like to get a feather on my ribs
To remind me to be kind and gentle to myself
 To remind me to be kind
 Image result for feather on ribs tattoo
Something to think about
And to get excited about
Any thoughts welcome......

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