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Tattoo Or Not to Tattoo

By Rubytuesday
I've been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo
Or a piercing in my chin
I tend to be very impulsive with these things
When I went to Australia first in 2006
We were staying Carirns for a few days
I really wanted to get my chin pierced
But my Mother and sister talked me out of it
In case anything went wrong
It could ruin the rest of my holiday
And again recently
I had a huge urge to get a piercing
So I went in to a local shop where they usually have a piercing service
Unfortunately they no longer had a piercing service
So I took it as a sign not to get pierced that day
And didn't think about it again until now
My friends recently got a beautiful flower winding around her foreman
I love it
And it gives me the itch to get one too
I myself have no tattoos at all
My ex boyfriend's older brother used to tattoo
But he wasn't a professional
He just set up shop in his bedroom
And he was a total scumbag so there was no way I was letting him near me
I know many people with tattoos
I have seen some really amazing ones
But I have also seen some unfortunate ones
So I have been hesitant to commit to one
Ironically it is my impulsiveness that has stopped me from getting tattooed
I know that I do things on a whim
And can regret them
So I have deliberately stopped myself
I've thought about getting tattooed over the years
But I could never settle on a design
Obviously I want to get something that means something to me
I want to illustrate an important time in my life
A time I want to etch that time in color and design on my body
I love wings on shoulders
Like this
Tattoo or not to tattoo
Or else I would like to get some words that mean something to me
I don't know yet
I am undecided
But I will keep you updated
I was wondering about you
Where do you stand on tattoos?
Do you love them?
Hate them?
Do you have any?
I'd love to know......

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