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Tanya Burr Christmas Collection 2016 | Review

By Princessonfilm @Princessonfilm
Tanya Burr Christmas Collection 2016 | Review
Tanya Burr Christmas Collection 2016 | ReviewI was super excited when Tanya burr launched and released some of her exciting Christmas range for 2016, I was quite unsure if Tanya was bringing out anything for Christmas because usually she makes a blog post or a video to let everyone know whats coming out for that year. As i was looking though Superdrug's website i noticed that there was the Christmas range out already and i was pretty unsure if it was available or not because its only September and usually Tanya burr cosmetics does sell out quite fast, I can remember that i couldn't get everything from the range from 2015 like the advent calendar and the small sets of nail varnishes and nail files and i ended up turning to eBay for some and it was so dam expensive especially the candy glam palette it was very nice though,
I wanted to make sure that i didn't end up missing this years tanya's lovely christmas range once i saw it online so i placed a order a few weeks ago for some of the pallets and some of Zoella's Christmas range too. I was totally impressed with everything and the packaging was very glam and full of Christmas sprit witch i love. I have had pallets before from Tanya burr and i think that they are amazing and how easy they are to take with you if you are traveling because usually i end up taking a palette of eyeshadows to my dads and the time i am there everything has smashed and broken so these pallets are amazing from Tanya burr.
I was kinda naughty having everything from the Tanya burr christmas collection and it did cost me a lot but everything was worth every single penny as Tanya's stuff is so stylish and very well presented and this is why her collection of cosmetics sell well because it is one of the best collections that i have ever bought. I bought everything from the collection and my favorite would have to be the presents beauty box as that comes with some goodies and then you have a lovely storage box to put anything in and i have stored all of my Tanya burr lip glosses , Eye shadow , Nail polishes and mirrors in there so it is very easy for me to get when i want to use something.
I am gonna try and get the rest of the Christmas items from 2015 but i might end up struggling as sometimes it could be pretty expensive and sometimes eBay doesn't have anything from the collection so i am gonna keep searching for it until i get it, I also bought the 12 days of Christmas advent calendar from the range and this is my very first beauty one as i would always have normal chocolate ones and sometimes these was boring. £25.00 is saying is a lot of a advent beauty calendar but it isn't because you get all those lovely goodies inside like a mirror nail polishes eyeliner nail flies and more and this doesn't come cheap when you think about how much work has gone into each and every product. I opened up my beauty calendar (Kinda naughty should of waited until December) and i loved each and every product that was in there and the glitter nail polishes well.... They are define and i love each and every one from the collection for 2016.
I cannot complain about this range of stuff because it is so well made and produced and i have been buying Tanya burr's stuff ever since she launched her first line of cosmetics a while back and i am i really love the two cosmetics bags as she released one last year and this years ones are so better and bigger and adding the color gold to the pink lips is so beautiful and very stylish and glam and i really like my large vanity case and i will be taking this away with me on my travels when i go.
I have already got plans and ideas on where i am gonna store my new goodies and also where to store them i am so happy that i have bought everything from the collection and i hope that everyone else will what ever they get from this amazing collection.The Tanya Burr Christmas range 2016 Price List.Tanya Burr Presents Beauty Box - £50Beautifully Defined Palette - £11Beauty Holdall Vanity Case - £17It's Cold Outside Set/Palette - £11Mrs Claus Nail Polish Set (Pink) - £5Mrs Claus Nail Polish Set (Red) - £5It's Kissmass Lip Gloss Set (Candy Cane) - £612 Day Advent Calendar - £25Pretty Unstoppable Pal Palette/Set - £9 At the moment Superdrug has everything from the range half price for a limited time only so you can get some of the items for a fraction of the price,You can view the range viva Superdrug.comLove Rianna X

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