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Tanika Tears It Up ....

Posted on the 23 March 2014 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
We really feel like Tanika is finding herself in the music industry, with track after track becoming more and more successful, and furthermore, much more grounded to one sound, we feel that she knows who she is now, and is really looking to take the world by storm with her chilled out new tune, Fucking With My Heart.
Tanika Tears It Up ....You'll notice that the start is somewhat darker than that of what we've become used to. She seems a little more reserved maybe, but it soon opens up, flourishes almost, and becomes one of the easiest listening pieces you'll find on the net to date.
Her vocals, as always, are positively perfect ... and whilst the comparison has been chucked around a lot, we're coming up with the name Aaliyah more and more. She is the answer to the English music industry woes, and whilst she continues to break through with her cut-throat lyrics about the goings on in her life, we know that there is more to come, and more to marvel at.
The music, though relatively simple in terms of chemistry, is an absolute no brainer. There's simply no way that you'll be able to hate it, and the way in which the vocals become distorted at times, and make way for all of the goings on, does really show that people are taking good care of Tanika, and that Tanika is taking real good care of herself too. We'd be lying if we said that we didn't hear both Emeli Sande and Beyonce in there too.
We saw recently in an interview that Tanika was most proud of a song called Freedom. Whilst it is massively different to the sort of thing you're listening to today, we'd definitely suggest that you look on Youtube to find it, and see in aamazement why you simply have to be backing this incredible woman!

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