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Talking 'Bout Terri & Beatnik ...

Posted on the 25 October 2013 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
It's not often that you'll find us getting excited by something that could be classed as a generic club-hit ... but in Beatnik's case, with the help of Terri Walker, we find that we can't really help ourselves. You'll notice very early on that People Start Talking bears likeness to some of the scorchers that disgraced producer, DJ Fresh, used to create.
Talking 'Bout Terri & Beatnik ...The build from the very moment that you press that 'play' button indicates that something big is about to happen, and when it finally comes to the drop, you won't be disappointed. The vocal that Terri manages to deliver, despite being somewhat obviously mastered, is one that you could expect to be showcased brilliantly when done live.
There's an obvious bounce that you could also envisage when it came to a video, or a live performance, in the music ... and this is really what makes this song stand apart from plenty of others that are about at the moment.
We won't lie, we'd expect this sort of track throughout the Summer, when the video could quite easily be based on double dutch skipping, and other playground antics like many were yesteryear  ... but that doesn't really cause any disgrace and we'd quite happily listen to this if we were in need of a pick up right now.
The fact is, if it is only Terri Walker who is the voice on this track, then it is really easy to tell that she is as versatile as some of the greats, and that she should expect great things to be just around the corner. She manages to rap, talk, and sing, all in a professional manner to the point that, we wouldn't blame you, if you thought it was her song moreso than Beatnik's. She sounds like an array of different names spreading across big pop names such as Rihanna or Kelis,  and much smaller artists such Ella Eyre or Beatrice Eli ... all coming together to offer something really raw and very impressive.
So it doesn't have the most meaningful lyrics, the most melodic sound, or something that pulls at your heart-strings ... it's just that we can't help but like this one. So, go ahead, judge us, but when it's shooting through the charts, we'll be having the last laugh.

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