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Taking His Name; on Our Wedding Day

By Tootie2208
His Name

Taking His Name


The occasion of getting married and taking your new husbands name is an exciting time for most brides, however to a few leaving their name behind that they have had forever is not easy. They have so much to consider, and everyone can advise, but it boils down to the bride and her groom as to their decision.



It has always been the tradition of taking your husband name to carry on the family lineage. Then came the hyphenated names that were majorly the marriage between couples that came from barons and earls and the like, they wanted to make sure she was Mrs Smythe- Harris, daughter of  lord Smythe.

So now today it is a little different, with many brides well established in the business sector ( or where ever she works) they might not want to change it, that has a good reputation , and well known. The choice of a hyphenated names can now come into play if the bride is torn apart at the thought of making a decision .  Make sure that your name can be match as some times when you join names they can be the source of a good joke, for instance you would not put a Turner with a Coates, it just would not work.


The most obvious and most understandable reason not to take  his name is, it is just not suitable to your christian, for example your first name is Rose and his surname is Thorn, you can see where I am getting at, this would be a thorn in your side for ever. For what ever reason a bride might not like the surname of their groom, so is this  a valid  case? This is totally the bride and groom choice, but I personally believe that “just because I dont like it” is good enough not to carry your husbands name, after all you are about to spend a life time together.

Some brides say they cannot be bothered with all the paper work that is involved with name change. The drivers license, health funds, banks, library cards, passport, gym memberships, the list goes on. Okay, you have to do your licenses first, but some things can be changed at a latter date, wait until you need to go to the library and then make the change, do not make a special trip.

HAVE YOU CHOSEN TO KEEP YOUR SURNAME, Tell us what you have to say on this subject.

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