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The Groom, His Part in Wedding Planning

By Tootie2208


the groom

The Groom


The groom is often overlooked when it comes to wedding planning, and not by the choice of the bride. Its the groom who proposes to his girlfriend then often will not think of anything else. He will have a say with several issues but will avoid the nitty gritty things associated with wedding planning.

The groom is responsible for a fair share of planning, but unlike the bride he can take a back seat for most of the planning.  He will help choose a wedding day date, and have an equal say on the venue for the reception,  guest list, and  his attire for the day.




The groom does have a few jobs he needs to do, firstly picking his groomsmen, buying a wedding ring, organizing the honeymoon, transport to and from the wedding and preparing a speech for the big day. Mostly after this he will more often than not, say ” What ever you want will be fine”. Usually the groom is not to worried what sort of cake is ordered, or the color of the bridesmaid dresses or even the type of flowers his bride to be has picked out, these are women things according to most men I have spoken to.



Some grooms do feel as if they would like a bit more involvement, but what can they really help with? Actually there is quite a few things he can do to help his bride, helping with the menu ,will take some worry from the bride, as your first meal as husband and wife needs to be something you both like. Choosing the wine list can take some pressure of the bride, visit the photographer together and once your happy with who you have chosen  , then he  can do the follow up before the wedding. The groom can organize his groomsmen for their suit fittings and pick ups. He may even like to help thank you gifts ( even if its just for his groomsmen). Wedding invites are another way to help out by picking them together.

For all the bride to be’s that are feeling a little under the pump, ask your partner for a bit of extra help. You will find him only too happy to help ,but if you dont ask  the groom, he will think you dont need his help. Most grooms are under the impression that a wedding is for the bride to sort out, but in this modern time it is a share job for both bride and groom.


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