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Take Time…

By Intuitivepsychology @DocIntuitive

IMG00223-20100706-1433…summer is here. The time of year equated with letting go and enjoying life. For many of us, memories of childhood days spent in joyfulness. Exhilarated by the freedom of life without homework and tests. Excited by time spent without boundaries. Playing whole-heartedly with friends. Losing ourselves in pure satisfaction with the moment. Day after day after day after day all blending together in a sunshine haze of happiness.

How do we honor this once beloved time of year for ourselves now? Can we allow ourselves to really stop for a moment and take a break? Take time to pause in our regular routine. Take time out to stop and be grateful for all that we have. Take time to connect with others. Take time to have an adventure and seek out new experiences. Take time to sit back, relax, and just breathe in the enjoyment of the present moment. Take time to put a smile on our faces and allow ourselves the pleasure of happiness…

Are you up to the challenge…the challenge of taking time for summer happiness and freedom…if only for a moment? While this could mean an exotic vacation, it really doesn’t have to be that. It doesn’t even have to cost any money. All it will cost is the intention of taking the time to take care of you by purposely pausing to enjoying the moment you’re in. You certainly deserve that, right? Maybe you’ll start swimming each day, or sit down and drink a glass of lemonade with someone you love, or catch up on an old movie, or read that book you haven’t had time for, or even write that book you’ve been meaning to write. Whatever you decide to do will be just fine, as long as you decided to take the time to pause and enjoy your life. So, close your eyes now, breathe deeply and ask yourself in this moment, “how am I going to take a break this summer?” Now listen for the answer. Now decide how you’re going to make it happen. Will you? As always, the choice is truly yours.

Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.

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