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Ta-dah! Tuesday - Storage Satisfaction

By Lakota @FHCShopping
Hello, yet another scheduled post today, as I've been away for the long weekend. Hope you had a great weekend dropping 'flotilla' into everyday conversation / criticising the BBC coverage and are now heartily sick of coronation chicken and the union flag. [I suddenly realised that if you start a link party on a particular day you should try to actually have something to post, hence I irritated the husband by insisting that it was urgent I hang and photograph something immediately before we left, rather than packing my washbag, finding children's shoes and other such boring tasks.]
Remember the vintage expanding coat rack I bought? I've finally given it an oiling and got it on my bedroom wall, and it has made all the difference to my jewelry collection. I probably have fewer necklaces than anything else, and I don't tend to wear them nearly as often as earrings, bangles and rings, probably because up til now they've been hidden away in a jewelry box. Those that weren't hidden away were slung over the corner of my dressing table mirror, which looks great and is all very well until you want to wear something, whereupon everything proves to be tangled together in some kind of evil jewelry spaghetti.
Ta-dah! Tuesday - storage satisfactionOk, this isn't everything. But it's a lot better
Mr FHCS was not overly thrilled with the prospect of yet more stuff going on the bedroom walls - he's been muttering in discontent since I found another matching spice rack to house the overflow from the current nail varnish store - but even he has admitted that it looks quite decorative. There's just something so satisfying about being able to see everything, don't you think? And it meant I rediscovered a few things as well as being able to see current favourites.
Ta-dah! Tuesday - storage satisfaction60s American peapod pendant - vintage fair
Ta-dah! Tuesday - storage satisfaction70s tiger eye pendant - gift from mother in law
Ta-dah! Tuesday - storage satisfactionStolen thunder wooden necklace and stone arrow head
Ta-dah! Tuesday - storage satisfactionEclectic Eccentricity Cottontail Hare - won in Jen little bird's blog giveaway 
Ta-dah! Tuesday - storage satisfactionMalachite choker - bought in France or Spain in early teens
So, not an impressive ta-dah, but a personally pleasing one. I'll be back later on today to catch up with everyone, so do link up anything you have to share.
Lakota x

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