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3.14 - American Pi Day

By Lakota @FHCShopping
Boy1 informed me last week that today would be 'American Pi day', and please could we have one for dinner. Being less geekily minded than my eleven year old son, I had a moment of horror thinking that he was referring to the film that brought use the phrase "there was this one time, at band camp...", and he had to explain to me the significance of 3.14, or as we British would say, the 14th of March.*
They got 'Boxing Day Pie', which is basically all the Christmas left-overs - turkey, pigs in blankets, chestnut stuffing, random bits of chorizo from the back of the fridge  etc - in a white sauce. This tested my newly vegetarian resolve, but I made do with a Higgidy Pies spinach, feta and pinenut. It was very nice with some mash and veggie gravy. This moral stance is hard though!
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Send me your favorite veggie/vegan recipe links please - keep me on the straight and narrow.
Oh, and I've been forced into joining instagram - I'm @Lakotaloves27, so feel free to find me and stop me having to gaze in fascinated horror at nudie pictures of Kim Kardashian.
Lakota x
*When he starts asking for a steak dinner and if his girlfriend can stay over on 14th March, then I guess is the time to be seriously worried. (For those not in the know, today is also apparently 'Steak and BJ day', or Valentines for men - one month on. Unhappily for Mr FHCS of course, no meat crosses my lips these days...)

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