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Ta-dah! Tuesday - Rock n' Roll Earrings How-to

By Lakota @FHCShopping
In exchange for not complaining about all the second hand shizzle I cart home, I don't whinge about the all the guitars cluttering up my house. [I pretend I mind about this, but I don't really. Who doesn't like a boy with a guitar?]. Anyway, there are usually plectrums [guitar picks] everywhere as well, and whilst they can be plain and functional and boring, you can also get them with all kinds of  logos and pictures. I found these Sex Pistols God Save the Queen ones on eBay, and thought they'd be perfect for making earrings for the upcoming Jubilee! 
Ta-dah! Tuesday - Rock n' Roll earrings How-toCool, huh?
[Incidentally, speaking of Jubilee crap, go and read my latest eBay post. I research these things for YOU! There's also a Jubilee giveaway on my Facebook page. It includes the chance to see Prince Philip in his long-johns Harry in his pants]
I added red white and blue beads to the the pair above, which required eyepins and cutting nippers, but the instructions below are for a slightly more simple pair, as not everyone has all the equipment. It's pretty easy to do beaded stuff and use pins - I taught myself the very basic technique off the internet - but you would need proper round nose pliers too. 
If you want to make your own earrings, you'll need:
  • Plectrums - I used these 'grave picker' skull ones from eBay
  • Jump rings and earring wires
  • pliers
  • Blue tack
  • A drawing pin, or old sewing machine needle and hammer, depending on the thickness of your plectrums.

[You could also probably use a small drill bit, but I'm all about the least equipment possible.]
Ta-dah! Tuesday - Rock n' Roll earrings How-to
  1. The only vaguely tricky part of making these is making the hole for your jump ring to go through. Plectrums come in different weights and thicknesses so you'll need to assess which method will be best depending on what type you have. If possible, have a spare to practice on first, because they're prone to cracking. The Sex Pistols ones were thin enough to enough to pierce with a drawing pin, the skulls needed a bigger needle. Either way, don't try to go all the way through in one go because you'll probably break it. Make an indent - with your blue-tack underneath to keep the plectrum steady and so you don't ruin your table - then flip it over and continue on the other side. Keep alternating sides until you break through. An old sewing machine needle worked really well for me, and I just  whacked it with the hammer as though it was a nail.
  2. Open a jump ring with pliers - jewelry ones are best, but any small enough will work at a push  - slide through the hole you made, and close again. 
  3. Open another jump ring and slide one end through the first ring, the other through an earring wire. Close up again. Ta-dah!
  4. Repeat for the matching one. Or just wear one, in edgy rock and roll fashion.

Ta-dah! Tuesday - Rock n' Roll earrings How-toPerfect for the PTA
Ta-dah! Tuesday - Rock n' Roll earrings How-toSlash and friends
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Ta-dah! Tuesday - Rock n' Roll earrings How-to
Lakota x
Here's my favorite Rock and Roll nerd, Tim Minchin.

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