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Ta-dah! Tuesday - And Then I Played the Harpsichord and Ordered New Ribbons for My Bonnet...

By Lakota @FHCShopping
Ok, I didn't really, but I have been cross-stitching, which is basically a really good way to feel like you live in a Jane Austen novel. It's also a good method of developing a squint and an arthritic claw, but don't let that put you off. For some reason I have had the fear of counted cross-stitch charts and haven't done any since the age of about 10, when I would make my Mum and other female relatives bookmarks and dressing table mats using that binca fabric designed for kids.  Anyway, aside from the distinct possibility of becoming cross-eyed, I quite enjoyed my latest foray into ladylike pursuits.
The kit came free on the imaginatively named Cross Stitcher magazine, and everything was included, although I did change the color of her dress from lurid turquoise - which clashed with the pink - to purple, using my own thread. It claimed stitching time was 4 hours. Ha! I reckon it must have taken me twice that, which is a sobering reminder that perhaps I'm not quite ready to attempt their larger cushion charts, for which they give times of 40 and 62 hours respectively. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice some of the projects were - there was the inevitable cupcakery nonsense, but also a Mad Men inspired retro phone design, some Scandinavian style birds and sweet designs for little girls. 
Ta-dah! Tuesday - And then I played the harpsichord and ordered new ribbons for my bonnet...Mothers' Day Card
I'm not sure my Mum is really a pink polka dots kinda gal, any more than I am, but I didn't have any aperture cards, and this one came with it. I guess with a kokeshi doll design you need to embrace the kawaii factor anyway.
I have some more aida, graph paper and a book of motifs and alphabets, so I quite fancy working out my own design or slogan. Did you see this on HuffPost? I thought 13,000 stitches was what was required to create Joan Rivers, but apparently you can end up with Bruce Willis too.
Ta-dah! Tuesday - And then I played the harpsichord and ordered new ribbons for my bonnet...A Good Day to D'aida Hard[photo and work by BriocheBun]
Amazing huh?
What have you been making? Link up any makes, bakes, finds and fripperies below.
Lakota x

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