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Syrian Refugees: Exposing the Dark Side of Welcome to America

Posted on the 18 November 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
It started with that extraordinary brilliance of stupidity named George, who just couldn't resist pushing a word that to a more educated person, would be considered a Red Cape...just urging the Bulls to charge! And those bulls have been charging ever since in that hot desert...and it doesn't matter to them, who they go after!
"Crusades" is now, has always been, and will always be a Taboo to the Fundamentalist Islamic only takes a little history lesson to make an uneducated man...but with street understand what it means just to stay away from someone who doesn't like you, doesn't like your Religion, your ways of life, and most importantly...your aggression towards forcing your ways, whether by military force or political. And it pisses them off even more when it happens to be in their own land!...the ultimate disrespect towards another Culture and another form of Society!
Now, reverse the scenario: What crazy fricken country and who the hell is going to tell Americans what to do, how to run our government, what Religion to worship, and what to like in our own good ol' US of A?!?!
I do tend to have some faith in the American Public in general...but, there's a problem; America's lack of education, thanks to those who've been doing their best to change or eradicate the educational system in America, and with special kudos to Texas!
So if you're from Texas? please! don't try to read or comprehend anything!'s against the law to use your mind and do a little Critical Thinking for yourself in the Lone Star State. If you do? Well! we'll have the good taste and manners not to tell anyone you had an original thought!
To those who are free to think, here's a secret...Islam has never wanted to coexist with the rest of world...and it's why Christianity and the Crusades are synonymous in today's present Islamic Jihad...their Holy War with the entire Planet Earth until all Foreigners are gone from all Islamic Lands. 
People fleeing oppression in a social era when you not only can hear or read about are watching it live! along with the rest of the world...and having access for as much information from around the world, than you will ever need. Yeah! there are a lot of good reasons why all these Refugees are forced to relocate their entire the strange notion in their insistence on keeping their heads from being chopped and dismembered from the rest of their body.
That's as good of a reason as any to meet Rosetta Stone and get to know her pretty well! The Refugee crisis are real...and every so called Freedom Loving country has a responsibility to help their fellow man in crisis.
Are we an ignorant xenophobic society? Close the Borders and keep Hispanics out...and send those here back to the other side! The hate for Latinos, like Asians, Germans, Norwegians, and naturally the Irish before them!!...It's been the same from the start of our beloved American Freedom. Land of the sort of Free...but, there's nothing Brave whatsoever about 'selective immigration'. Now, "No Syrian Refugees"!...unless they're Christian! No discrimination, huh?!?!
The United States' Refugee situation? The Federal Government said yes to the approval of 2,098 Muslims and 53 Christian Syrian Refugees...not the thousands or hundreds of thousands claimed by the Conservative Side of Social Media's Global Village...and now, 31 States refuse to allow them free travel or relocation...31 Moron Governors, all Republicans, who have absolutely no human or legal understanding and no legal authority under International Laws to forbid a Refugee from settling in their State! How Christian of them!
“Muslims in the West will soon find themselves between one of Two Choices.”  ~~ The Islamic State
Interpret it as you wish...but, any way you look at it...the translation is the same: Either stay in the West, and you're no longer a Muslim...or return to your origin! A Theocratic form of existence that until the 20th Century ruled over its people, while Western Thinking spread through parts of the Muslim World....the sweet smell of Money, natural Greed, and the power of Oil and Influence. Islamic Fundamentalism remained alive but not until the Fall of the Shah of Iran and the ascension of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini as Leader of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, Fundamentalists...both Persians and Arabs...took center stage in the continuous battle between themselves, whether they're Shiites or Sunnis, or any other Islamic Sect. The battle has always been about themselves...tribes against tribes...just instead of Camels and Arabian Horses there's Anti-Aircraft Guns and old Toyota pick-ups.
The rise of militant Islamic Fundamentalism like AL-Qaeda (who's now our ally) and ISIS has truly formed as it exists today, because of our insistence in continually getting involved in the Middle East and their affairs. Acts of Terrorism are statements of attention for the world to take their demands seriously, and with whatever prose they wish to always translates; Get out of our land and leave us alone!
But in today's world where Muslims can be just as Westernized as anyone in the West...we do have a problem. Winning the hearts and minds in the Middle East and Afghanistan, is as simple as winning them in Southeast Asia. Correct? sure!! What happen there?...and the one thing all Muslim Fundamentals do have in common and are very bipartisan, is their hate of Americans! It's their problem!...we can't fix thousands of years of spitting contests forever!
Fighting ISIS with American Ground Troops? when their total Army Consists of 25,000...while Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Russia, now France, and every other country in the region consists of approximately 9 million troops!...why the hell does the United States need to be there?...except the Money and Oil, which sounds terribly indecent, but at least it's not the horseshit of Democracy in the Middle East!
How safe are we? as safe as you can be...scared with fear of an Islamic Takeover and Armageddon? As a Democrat once said; "The only thing We have to Fear itself"! That, and a little common you really believe that Muslims want a world dominated with Islamic Fundamental rules, when they can't even decide or abide by their rules, and who's even right among them?...even after thousands of years...they're still fighting each other?!?! And do you truly believe an Islamic Takeover of the United States?...a country of 300 million plus people that it's hard enough to find just 2 of them at any given time, to ever agree on anything?
It's not Fear! it's just the degeneracy of thieves...and how the Military Industrial Complex and every other Corporate Contractor, can exploit the easily exploitable during War Time. And the Losers? The American Taxpayers, the GI and his Family, and primarily the Families broken up by death and despair, and forced to leave and never see their Homes, their Country, and their own family members, ever again!
Welcome to America!...Land of the Free? you bet! Learn English, go to work, and achieve you own Dreams. Become an American Citizen, Vote, get involved, and remember to avoid stepping in batshit on the road in the Lands of the Stupids...where Idiocracy is the New Democracy!! Avoid it at all need to regress and become a stupid! Enjoy America!
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