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Syrian Government Sarin Gas Attack on Damascus Was Actually a Turkey Al Nusra False Flag Attack

Posted on the 01 November 2014 by Calvinthedog

The largest Sarin gas attack of the dozen or so that occurred during the war was the one that supposedly killed 1,400 people in a suburb of Damascus, supposedly done by the Syrian government firing shells at a rebel controlled neighborhood. This attack actually  never even really occurred, that is, there were no Sarin shells fired by the Syrian government at the rebel held district in the capital. Instead there was some sort of a chemical weapons attack, but Al Nusra attacked their own neighborhood. Some rebel fighters and some of the rebels’ hostages were dosed with Sarin as a result of this attack but the Sarin levels were very low, so low as not to do any damage to those who got dosed.

What happened instead was that Al Nusra had many government supporters as captives. They capture civilians who support the government all over Syria and hold them as hostages, moving them around the country. Often they are Christians and/or Alawites. They move them around for a while, and after some time, maybe a year, they frequently just kill them.

First Al Nusra shot some Sarin shells at their own neighborhood and later blamed it on the government. Then over the next day or two, they moved many of their civilian hostages into a death room in the basement of a large building. Here they tied them up and left them in a room full of hissing gas containers. The gas containers had either carbon monoxide or hydrogen cyanide in them.

The containers hissed away until the people died. In a number of cases, hostages were finished off by having their necks slit. Others were beaten to death or shot. Then the bodies were hauled up to a “sun room” on the top of the building where the dead were laid out and wrapped up in gauze or cotton. These are the photos that you saw of line after line of civilians including children supposedly gassed by Assad. Some people brought up there were not dead so they were finished off, often by slitting their throats, in the sun room.

Many symptoms of the “Sarin gas attack” were reported, however there are certain symptoms that always occur after a Sarin attack, and these never occurred. Therefore there was no Sarin attack, and they were killed with another chemical agent. At any rate, the blood levels of Sarin found in the bodies were so low as to be harmless. In addition, bodies have a certain appearance after dying of Sarin, and none of the dead bodies had this appearance, instead they looked dramatically opposite. This also rules out Sarin.

At any rate, the British MI5 proved that the Sarin attack was not done by the Syrian government. They got samples of the Sarin used in the attack and compared it to Sarin stockpiles of the Syrian regime. The Syrian Sarin has a particular signature as there is only one type that they make in their chemical weapons factories. This Sarin did not have the Syrian signature of the Syrian state’s weapons. Also, this Sarin appeared to be some sort of a homebrew. Curiously, Al Nusra members were caught with Sarin in Turkey a while before this attack. This was apparently some of the Sarin they were using in their Sarin gas attacks.

The British MI5 warned the Black Face of the Empire, Barack Obomber, that the Sarin gas was not made by the government and therefore the attack could not possibly have been done by Syria. Obomber, Kerry and 100% of the Western media had immediately accused Syria of the attack after it was done. A complex narrative or voluminous evidence, all fake, was then assembled to prove that Syria did this attack.

A crucial piece of evidence was said to be a Syrian government radio transmission from Defense Headquarters acknowledging that Syrian forces had committed the attack, but wondering who ordered it as the Defense Department knew nothing about the attack and had not ordered it. This call was said to have been intercepted by Israeli intelligence and the call was then relayed to US intelligence. Apparently this phone call never occurred and the Israelis just made up the whole thing just like the Biggest Liars on Earth always do. It is amazing that the Western media would treat any Israeli intel as worth anything considering their treacherous record.

The barrage continued for some time after the attack, with the controlled Western media constantly increasing the drumbeat for war with Syria. One year prior, Obomber had said that Syria’s use of chemical weapons would be a “red line” that the US would not allow to be crossed. Precisely one year to the day after the red line speech, the Syrian government supposedly gassed its people with Sarin, killing 1,400 of them. Do you honestly think the Syrian state would be so audacious and stupid as to do an attack like this precisely one year to the day after a red line warning? Of course not.

What happened was that Al Nusra, the Turkish government and maybe other parties cooked up this false flag attack, of course using the one year anniversary of the red line speech to rub it in.

The drumbeat for war continued, with neocons and humanitarian bombers leading the charge and demanding that Obomber bomb Syria. Just one week before Congress was to vote giving Obomber authorization to go to war with Syria, the MI5 told the US that there was no way to pin this attack on Syria. Deprived of his rationale for the war, Obomber withdrew his demand that Congress declare war on Syria.

However, the Western media continued to relentlessly accuse Syria of killing 1,400 people in the gas attack. They have now succeeded in rewriting history. Wikipedia, a good source of modern history as seen by the West, is actually more or less written by the CIA. That is, much of modern history as described by Wikipedia is actually history as falsified by the CIA. Wikipedia’s modern history is “history according to the CIA.”

So in a sense, Wikipedia is a CIA outlet or asset as they are on the same page as the CIA when it comes to everything. Wikipedia’s page on the Sarin attacks, predictably, contains the now proven lie that the Syrian government did the attacks and 1,400 pro-rebel civilians were killed. Actually the death toll was far less – maybe 400-600, all of the dead were pro-government civilians held as captives by Al Nusra.

It has now been proven in an Seymour Hersch using Hersch’s CIA sources that the Al Nusra attack was cooked up by the Turkish government in concert with Al Nusra. At the moment, there is no direct evidence of the involvement of the US or any other government in this attack.

Even after he was told Syria did not do it, Obomber and his criminal aides like John “Satan” Kerry continued to relentlessly accuse Syria of using Sarin gas to attack its civilians.

The Western media, especially the US media, continues to accuse Syria of this crime even though it has now been proven that it was false flag. Not one single US news outlet, newspaper, newsmagazine, TV news or radio news has covered the story about this false flag. Only New York Magazine’s Hersch article discusses this. The Deep State controlled media has fallen down on the job again and US journalism is confirmed as a completely worthless, corrupted and controlled propaganda outlet of the US Deep State.

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