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Symptoms and Causes of Dry Eyes

Posted on the 28 January 2016 by Health_news

what causes dry eyes

For the human eye to function normally, the eye needs sufficient lubrication in the form of tears to function as it should with proper vision.

Tears are made of a combination or water, oil, mucus, anti-bodies, and special proteins. Basically the oil is needed for lubrication, the water for moisture, mucus for proper spreading and anti-bodies and proteins for resistance from infection.

An imbalance in the tear-flow system is what causes dry eyes.

Let’s first find out

what causes dry eyes

– Ageing
– Menopause
– Side effects from certain medication like birth control pills or antihistamines
– Structural problems of the eyelids
– Heat
– Diseases that affect tear production like rheumatoid arthritis and other vascular diseases

Now when you experience dry eyes your eyes will experience lots of symptoms ranging from itching to redness.

When the eyes are not properly lubricated you will experience the following symptoms:

what causes dry eyes

– Itching
– Feeling of a foreign body or particle in the eye
– Pain
– Blurred vision
– Redness
– Sensitivity
– Gritty feeling in the eye
– Watering eyes – It might seem strange to experience watering eyes with dry eyes, but the eye is sending a distress signal to the nerves to produce more lubrication and solve the dryness issue, hence the excess production of tears that do not coat the eyes properly.

So if you feel that that you are experiencing any of these above mentioned difficulties with your eyes, do not hesitate to get it checked with an ophthalmologist.

what causes dry eyes

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