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Switched from iOS to Android and I Am Loving It!

Posted on the 21 April 2018 by Tokitechie @tokitechie
It's been a while since the last time I posted an article on my blog and I am very happy to announce that I began writing again to share with you my observations, experiences and opinions about technology specifically, mobile technology. Just a quick disclaimer, I am not a tech expert. I am only an average person who is so passionate about tech but wasn't able to pursue a career that is in line with information technology because I felt this passion alive when I almost finish my Engineering degree. Nevertheless, I can definitely say that I am happy with my current profession because it's financially rewarding and it has made me travel three countries already. I am blogging again because I have so much spare time after work and I think binging Netflix and watching Youtube videos are becoming less exciting already. So now (and in the coming weeks), I will be focusing more on writing.
To cut the long introduction short, you will be reading more blogs about Android so brace yourselves. No more iOS-related stuff for a couple of weeks.
*** At exactly one year today, April 21,2018, Samsung has released its latest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8+. At first, I was very hesitant to ditch my iPhone 6+ (for good?) and chose to use Samsung smartphone as my daily driver. But after trying out Android for a month, I became a fan almost instantly and never looked back to iOS.
Switched from iOS to Android and I am loving it!
Here are the reasons why I ditched iOS and became not just an Android user but an official Android fan:
Multitasking Since Google introduced split-screen functionality with Android Nougat, I was so amazed when I first saw this feature. I believe that I spotted another milestone on smartphone evolution from a mediocre "smart" phone to a real beast. I really love the idea that a smartphone can not just run one app but two, three, or four at the same time! Although iOS also has this feature, its only exclusive to iPads.
OLED This feature is manufacturer-specific feature which has nothing to do with the mobile OS but it should be on the list. Prior to my exodus from the herd of iOS sheep to Android community, LED screen was not a big factor for me. However, when I experienced an android phone with OLED screen, i started thinking about immediately replacing my LCD screen with OLED. The impulsive decision was worth it because until now, the use of OLED screen is still one of the best feature of S8+ that I am so thankful about.
Customizations Who doesn't personalize the OS of his smartphone? Tell me and I give him or her a kiss. I am just kidding! iOS users envies Android users on this aspect. Even if they don't say it, deep inside, a typical iOS user is screaming his longingness for Apple to let him customize the home screen of his iPhone. I've been there and I have done that. 
Thank you for reading! If you have comments and suggestions, please leave it on the comment section below.

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