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Swinging Left

Posted on the 16 August 2012 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl
Défilé de PASTT à la Gay Pride à Paris en France

Défilé de PASTT à la Gay Pride à Paris en France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

   When Democrats find I’m a Conservative, the rhetorical question is: “So, you’re a bigot, hu?” Unfortunately, there is a common misconception all Conservatives are gay-bashing, KKK “Tea-baggers” whose goal is to shove their religion down everyone’s throat. Admittedly, there are some on the right who resemble said statement; however, there are those of us whom do not. The following is an effort to clear-up where it is I stand on homosexuality and gay marriage.

   First, let’s establish one thing: I do not take “Chick-Fil-A’s” position on gay marriage. A true Christian, who does not believe in homosexuality, realizes all God’s children were put on Earth to make choices ~and, answer accordingly! The fall out between God and the Devil is said to have occurred over a similar incident. The Devil thought it best humans be programed to obey Lord and Law. However, the Lord wanted humans to have free choice; he wanted to know the loyalty and love was due to choice, not force ~the rest is history. If it wasn’t proper to regulate choice then, what makes it proper now?

   Personally, I believe it’s cogently evident, if humans were meant to have sex with the same gender; we would have been born with the same reproductive characteristics. I don’t believe however, it’s my place to judge or mandate others whom do not believe the same. I’m educated enough to realize, what I desire sexually, may not be what another desires. Therefore, what God given right do I have, which would entitle me to force my desires or moral choices upon another? None has such a right!

   Why does it matter who a person loves? Shouldn’t it only matter that they love? After all, homosexuals are not mandating all mankind marry or love someone of the same sex; they just want acceptance for ones who choose to. Society is full of rapists, robbers, thieves, cheats, murders and liars; if someone wants to love, damn it, let them love! “Judge thee unless thee be judged!” It is no one’s business! Those who believe it is their business, needs an Ethics lesson.

   Aware this piece will offend Republicans and Democrats alike, I add this:

Quit trying to divide and concur! We are all occupants of the earth, we each have our own values; moral choices to make; are all different in some way; all are sinners; and finally, not one of us are better than the other ~regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, or financial status. Elephant or Ass, minus worldly possessions, we are equal!

 United we stand ~divided we fall!

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