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Sushi Tetsu - Farringdon - London

By Yummei @yummmei

Those who have been fortunate enough to get a seat at Sushi Tetsu, know of the trauma attached to finally getting that coveted reservation at this 7 seater restaurant.
Harumi and Toru Takahashi set up shop in a tiny alleyway in Farringdon, with only 7 seats at the bar. It's so eye waveringly small you have to do a double-take. It feels so exclusive that like Sushi Tetsu was opened for the night just for you.
Sushi Tetsu offer only sushi and sashimi. 
Purity at it's finest.Sea BreamSushi Tetsu - Farringdon - London
The fish is sourced only from Billingsgate market, and is laid out like an artistic masterpiece, ready to be sliced. Toru was trained from the kitchens of Nobu, and stands center stage behind the imposing wood counter. 
You know you're in the presence of a master. 
Literally felt the urge to drop to my knees and say "we're not worthy..." 
You'll only understand what I mean, if you go to Sushi Tetsu. 
Walk with me through the Sushi - Omakase Menu.
ClamSushi Tetsu - Farringdon - LondonLean Tuna Sushi Tetsu - Farringdon - LondonYellow-TailSushi Tetsu - Farringdon - LondonFlame-torched SquidSushi Tetsu - Farringdon - LondonFatty TunaSushi Tetsu - Farringdon - LondonFlame torched ScallopSushi Tetsu - Farringdon - LondonAji (horse mackerel)Sushi Tetsu - Farringdon - LondonSnowcrabSushi Tetsu - Farringdon - LondonFlame-torched Fatty TunaSushi Tetsu - Farringdon - LondonIkura (Salmon Roe) Gunkan-Maki Sushi Tetsu - Farringdon - LondonFatty Tuna and Spring Onion Hand RollSushi Tetsu - Farringdon - LondonGrilled Egg (tamagoyaki)Sushi Tetsu - Farringdon - London
Think like a little piece of Japan, just set up shop in London.
Nothing else in the city even compares to Sushi Tetsu.
Instant transportation. Hitting those air miles without setting foot on a plane.
There's something pretty sensual about being made the perfect pieces of sushi.
There's are fine art to enjoying sushi to it's fullest.
From being shown exactly how to put it in your mouth. Exactly how to hold it in your finger tips. To exactly how it should be eaten,   ;]
You know when fish starts to assume the texture of butter, serious skill has been used in the sourcing and preparation. So much skill that the end result is silken, melting, dream-like pieces of orgasmic sushi just lying there waiting to be taken.
Every piece of sushi was perfect. To keep up such consistency is just mind blowing.
I almost lost myself just staring at knife skills of Chef Toru. Mesmerising.
Now, I could write an essay about each piece; but I probably couldn't give it any justice.
You just had to simply be there.
Sex Appeal?
This is THE best sushi that I've ever had. There is a reason why this place is so in demand.
My experience with Sushi Tetsu was surreal. Words simply cannot describe it.
Book yourself in Sushi Tetsu, and you'll never look at sushi the same way again.
10/10 Yummei's 
Sushi Tetsu
12 Jersusalem Passage,
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