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Surprise Love - Wet n Wild Blitzen

By Goosesglitter @GoosesGlitter
Honestly, I just bought this one for the name (of course, because I have a white shepherd named Blitzen). This sat in a drawer since last Christmas, untried because I wasn't actually interested in the color.
Surprise Love - Wet n Wild Blitzen
Wet n Wild Blitzen (over HITS - Hermes)
I was wearing HITS Hermes earlier and just wasn't feeling it (actually, I was ready to take it off right after swatching it yesterday, but chose to give it a chance), so I decided to try and save it by putting Blitzen over it. It definitely helped. I'm putting off more swatching now just so I can wear this a while longer because it's just too pretty! Blitzen has a sheer cream shimmery base, with gold micro glitter and a dash of magenta hex glitter. It was a bit of a pain getting the magenta glitter onto the nail, but I discovered a trick. After wiping the brush on the bottle edge, the magenta glitters tend to stick to the bottle, so if you wait for the nail polish to run down, you can scoop up some extra glitters pretty easily. It took a little pushing around to get it even, but it didn't take long and the result looked flawless.
This was from Wet n Wild's Megalast collection for Christmas 2010, but I think looks more like a Valentine's Day polish. In fact, I'll probably wear this again for Valentine's Day but maybe I'll try it over a pink or a red!

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