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Surfs up

By Saltykisses @svprili



Today we sailed and motor sailed from Marsh Harbour to Manjack. We were in the hunt for the cat with the two small kids onboard but alas they were on a different island. We may stalk them some more tomorrow.

We knew rough weather was coming in on Tuesday so we decided to make our way there ahead of time. We didn’t think Whale Cay cut would be so iffy or we would never have attempted it. Once we got out on the open ocean side that lovely little feeling of puke rising up my throat once again visited me. We rolled around for about 30 minutes with the swell broad side and then we reached the nasty little cut at Whale Cay. We understand now why the Moorings boats are only allowed to pass through here with strict permission. Typically we would have plenty of depth to pass through but with an 8’ swell rolling through with white caps made Carl an little edgy. We had to ignore the channel the gps mapped out and headed for the area with no breakers. We rode the swell in like a true surfer, I think it would have been a little more fun knowing that we weren’t going to hit bottom but it was quite exciting to say the least. Got some video and pictures of it but a camera never does it justice.

We arrived safely at Manjack without losing my lunch. We were ever so proud that we sailed the whole way chasing a cat ahead of us who motored. We made pretty good time at 6 knots and motoring when the winds took us down to 2 knots.

We promptly dropped anchor and went in search of the couple with kids. We strolled up the hill to the lovely house who are friends with them to enquire which side of the island they were on but sadly found out they had gone a couple of islands over to hunker down for Tuesday’s weather. The couple at the house also spoke to their neighbor on our behalf – an American OB/GYN who lives part time on the island, if a home birth would be up his alley. Nope, a little to dangerous for his liking. I’m pretty sure all US OB/GYN’s are against home birth. I don’t blame them, they became a doctor because they believe in the hospital system, it’s like asking a chef to cook up a gourmet meal on a camp fire. But it is good to know that while we’re in the area we know where to come to in case of an emergency, he may just not be too happy about it.

The girls had a great time at the beach, it’s so nice to let them just run and be free without worrying that they’ll push each other off a dock or run out in front of a speeding car.



Surfing our way through the cut at Whale Cay


The girls chilling out watching a movie while the boat gets “wobbly”


This is how it’s done on a 65’ boat. Put that main sail to bed, just get down and dirty with it.



I always knew we had a lot of hatches but when you see them all open like this, oh boy we have a lot of hatches!

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