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By Yonni @vegandthecity
I am not a football fan ~ I should probably put that right out there ~ but I do love to have friends over and the superbowl gives me another excuse to do that.
Superbowl!!I'm thinking about making a vegan chili with TVP, textured vegetable protein, a defatted soy product that is incredibly versatile.  It can be stored dry, and must be hydrated for consumption but it is one of the best meat-replacers out there.  Not only do I use it in chili, you can use it to make a great faux-meatball or bolognese!
I'm sure I'll do a big crudite platter too with dips, some chips and salsa (I am loving those felafel chips I found at Whole Foods) and possibly this white bean recipe I love with rosemary and olive oil...I may even make some vegan cornbread for dunking into that hearty chili, complete with some shredded Daiya cheddar to sprinkle on top.  Just beware of the non-dairy sour creams.  Make sure they don't have partially hydrogentated oils in them ~ they are really unhealthy and it's not worth substituting flavor for an ingredient like that.
My cousin, Alan, recently sent me an article about vegan party fare and some finger-food alternatives to the usual.  I've been too busy lately to feel very creative so I liked it and thought I'd share it with you!  One easy recipe I made last month that is also perfect for snacking is a seasoned almond.  Toast up some whole almonds, skin on, in a single layer on non-stick aluminum foil at 300 for maybe 5 minutes - DO NOT let them burn!  Then toss them with 1/4 c. maple syrup and 1/2 tsp. tamari and pop them back in to toast for another 5-8 minutes, again, watching them closely to be sure they don't burn.  Let them dry and serve!

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