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Super Bowl XLVI: The New York Giants Offense Must Keep Tom Brady Off The Field

By Beardandstache @BeardAndStache

Super Bowl XLVI: The New York Giants Offense Must Keep Tom Brady Off The Field


- Troy Ballard

The New York Giants have found themselves in a simliar situation, against a similar team, and if anything has been picked up over the series of these games, it would be a game plan to keep Tom Brady on the sideline.
Brady and the Pats' run and offense that is deadly enough that once a team falls behind, they may never be able to catch back up. Not because of poor offensive play from the opposing team necessarily, but because New England can score points so quickly and efficiently that other offenses and defenses just can't stay in the game.
It has been the montra all season for the Patriots. Incredibly underwhelming defensive play, and the belief that Brady can lead New England's offense to 40+ points to outscore the other team. To an extent, the plan has worked. The Patriots are in the Super Bowl, are they not?
New York has the chance to go 2-0 against Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl with a win in Indy this Sunday. One of the biggest keys to the Giants' potential success will be managing the clock and keeping Brady on the sideline. That means sustaining long and methodical drives on offense, something the Giants have faltered with in the past.
If the Giants give Brady the ball throughout the game with turnovers, three and outs, and plenty of time on the clock, New York will lose this game. The Patriots offense is too good, and aside from the Giants' defensive line, the talent is totally tilted in New England's favor. That's the bottom line.
This puts a heavy strain on the success of the running game. Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs have been nothing more than 'eh' this season, and the Giants have almost totally shifted to a passing team behind the arm of Eli Manning. That can't be the case in the Super Bowl, and New York must establish a consistent and effective rushing attack.
There is no better way to manage the game then by running the ball. Bradshaw and Jacobs, despite not making much of an impact this season, have shown flashes of being incredibly solid. The two-punch combo can wear down defenses and drag on long drives that eat up minutes. It also diminishes the risk of turning over the ball to almost nothing. That's what New York needs to aim for.
The game plan will reamin in Manning's hands, but a focus should be put on getting the running game going early. New England's defense, as stated before, is generally nothing more than a disorganized group of JV high school kids. However, this postseason, they have snapped into shape, especially when stopping the run.
It won't be easy, but New York can't abandon the rushing game. Even though it will be inevitably frustrating if the Patriots' defense continues to step up, New York must stay persistent. Without moving the ball on the ground, it's nearly impossible to have long and effective drives, and the Giants will give Brady too much time.
The Giants are playing with more purpose, pride, and effort then any team in the NFL, and their offense is red-hot. Unfortunately, the Patriots are the same way, and Brady is a killer in the clutch.
There's only way to make sure Brady can't work his magic -- don't let him on the field.
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