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Sunday Drive

By Chelsey5 @chelseysullivan

 A few Sundays ago my husband and I decided it would be fun to go for a drive.

We left church, grabbed some lunch and headed for the hills.

Shane and I like to explore the places we live.

We like to go drive on random 2 track roads and explore the country side.

Sometimes we get lost but we don’t care.

It is an adventure and our children have come to really enjoy the drives too.

So that Sunday we found a dirt road and we went for it.

The first thing we came across was a large herd of sheep.

Sunday Drive

We slowed down to a crawl and rolled the windows down so the kids could hear all the lambs and ewes bleating.

The little lambs were running around and playing too.

It was really cute to watch.

Sunday Drive

After driving for some time the kids noticed the mountain flowers.

There were little yellow sunflowers and mountain blue bells.

So Shane pulled over and I asked him what he was doing and he told the kids to “get out and pick your momma some flowers.”

They were all very excited to do it.

How sweet is that!

Sunday Drive

My little men.

Sunday Drive

My handsome Jonah bringing his momma some flowers.

Sunday Drive

They were working hard to get a lot of flowers.

This was a nice break for the kids to get out and stretch their legs.

So after we had a large bunch of flowers we all loaded up and headed down the road to see what else we could find.

Sunday Drive

Next we found old abandoned corrals with a squeeze chute and a loading ramp.

The kids thought it was the coolest playground ever!

Shane took them through it all and told them what everything was for and how it worked.

Hope and I had to stay back because I did not feel like climbing fences in my Sunday dress.

But I did get some cute pictures of Hope.

Sunday Drive

Sunday Drive

She was watching daddy through the fence.

Sunday Drive

Eventually Shane worked the kids all the way through to the loading chutes.

I yelled to him “let em’ loose!

Sunday Drive

Then they came racing up the ramp.

Sunday Drive

I should have backed up the suburban and had them all load up right then.

My little herd…..

Sunday Drive

The boys decided to go play with the squeeze chute so Faith decided she needed to pick some more flowers.

Sunday Drive

My little princess.

Sunday Drive

She is always camera ready.

I have to say that if I had the chance to buy this piece of land that we stopped on I would in a heart beat.

Would this not be the most spectacular view to see every morning.

Sunday Drive




Sorry, I was daydreaming. Ok where was I.

Oh, our drive.

Well we went on for some time after stopping at the corrals and then we stopped one last time at a windmill.

Cause I like windmills.

Cause I like pictures.

Cause I like to take pictures of windmills.

Sunday Drive

Oh and I like photoshop.

Sunday Drive

It was a wonderful lazy Sunday drive.

If you don’t take lazy Sunday drives I would encourage you too.

It’s fun to explore and see all the beautiful land God has made.

It is also fun to chit-chat and daydream with your husband and children.

Though my favorite part of all is spending time with my family.

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