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Summer Drawings - II

By Pmeurice
   I particularly like painting buildings. Here are two places... Different regions, but in both of them, I could depict a church: 

First, the little church of Condette, close to Hardelot, in the North of France. Quick painting done on location, and ... sorry... under a gray sky. No shadow to play with, but only the perspective : 

Summer Drawings - II

L'Eglise de Condette, par le Village

And the sketch helping out for the composition: 
Summer Drawings - II

   This church is quite typical, and one could surely find one of these views in several little villages from the North of France. I am waiting for the sun, in order to paint it from a different view (I did it already, a year ago... the sketch should be in one of the previous posts). 

   This next one has not been done on site, but from pictures taken in Germany, in a little city near Munich. I intend to send it to some of our friends: they celebrated their wedding in this church and we had a wonderful weekend over there... A little tribute to this nice weekend, and sending our best wishes to the newlyweds...

Summer Drawings - II

April 13

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