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A Bit More Colors...

By Pmeurice
Yesterday, off to the City.
   I wanted to have a round to the Matisse in the Studio exhibition. 
  I don't count the hours spent these last years in watching and reading on this Artist : as usual, inspiring. A small show, and a rapid visit, but enough to connect with some of his works and, most importantly, his working process... Insatiable curiosity, aim to discover and push boundaries, taking simple objects as pretext for form, gesture, color explorations... (one could also note the mutual influence from other masters... Picasso, Braque... ). 
Through continuous work, in an environment built for creation, sparkled genius dashes, lines, and color impulsions... clearly not the last time I refer to him, go to dive in his work, as an inspiring call and encouragement to work more and express what I feel. 
Last night, I could not help but to play with vivid colors and pastel... Orange feeling like a celebration, and the warm, sensual presence of the evening. 
here it is, a small color composition : 

A bit more colors...

Color Composition - Pastel
45 X 55cm

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