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Suffering Migraines? Forget Botox, Go for the Cayenne Pepper!

By Rachel

Suffering Migraines? Forget Botox, go for the Cayenne pepper!

25.7.11  Contributor  No comments Suffering Migraines? Forget Botox, go for the Cayenne pepper!I suffered a terrible persistent migraine this weekend, and wanted only to stay in bed with covers over my head. Everything I did seemed twice as hard. Noise around me was louder, lights were brighter. I just wanted to crawl in bed, forget the world, and hope to fall asleep quickly to wake up in the morning without the throbbing migraine. 
But the next day I awoke and as I gained consciousness slowly I became aware of the everlasting presence of the migraine still there (peek a boo!)
No pain killer seemed to do the job.
I have found that what I eat triggers it but is not the direct cause, hormones are a main offender sometimes. I noted that a sudden intake of excess salty foods makes it worse too. I once thought coffee was the reason for my migraines but I am happy to say I have proven this theory wrong. One or two cups of coffee a day is fine. I also thought coffee could cure it, but I think I was asking way to much of the Bean.
When I suffer such migraine I look forward to my evenings; that's when I take the great escape - a hot shower. Where no one in the family can reach me, speak to me, demand anything of me. Shower time is my time, and when the water pours over my head, it appears to wash away the pain of the migraine, a momentary illusion but I welcome the soothing sensation and short lived relief. This time when I finally stepped out of my shower, I suddenly remembered an episode on Dr Oz where he talked about migraines. I remembered him saying that cayenne pepper offers great relief to migraine sufferers. Now I didn't have any cayenne pepper in the house but I did have Samosas! An Indian gourmet packed in the frozen Isles of specialty grocery stores; spicy lentil stuffed samosas definitely have cayenne pepper I thought. I jumped up and put four in the toaster oven. They were delicious, incredibly spicy hot and I could not believe my migraine disappearing within the next twenty minutes of ingesting the, what I now believe, ultimate remedy for my migraine!
Suffering Migraines? Forget Botox, go for the Cayenne pepper!Lesson learned: forget botox (unless you seek and desperately need a side benefit), attack your migraine with hot spicy foods, especially those that have cayenne pepper.  ~ A US study has found that people, who suffer from frequent migraine headaches, appear to have less loss of cognitive function as they age .... more about the subject Posted in: Older Post Home

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