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Such a Tease! The Original Tangle Teezer!!!

By Makeupguineapig @MakeUpGuineaPig

I have found a new best friend. It is spiky, bright and fits comfortably in my hand. It is quite possibly the greatest invention of all time and the concept is so simple! Ok, perhaps I’m being a bit too enthusiastic here, but I am in love. What is the object of my affection you ask? It’s the amazing, wonderful, remarkable, ingenius, spectacular, over-priced (at least in the US) chunk of plastic goodness known as the Tangle Teezer!
Such a Tease! The Original Tangle Teezer!!!
I have heard numerous British beauty bloggers and YouTubers talk about the Tangle Teezer and, eventually, my curiosity was peaked. I did a google search to see where I might purchase this little gem and was frustrated to find that they are not easily available in the US yet. That’s not to say you cannot find them, it’s just a bit of an online hunt. My hunt really started and ended on Amazon where I managed to find a deal that allowed you to add a Tangle Teezer to your order for an extra $9.99. Compared to around $20 most places seemed to be charging, I decided this was a great way to try it out. Granted, the selection was limited to the Original version in either Black or Tangerine Scream (super bright orange), but I just wanted to try it. I naively figured it was nothing too special. I chose the Tangerine Scream, which actually I might have chosen even if the entire collection of Tangle Teezers was mine for the taking. I like orange. It’s bright and fun; certainly more exciting than black! So I waited for my package to arrive.
Such a Tease! The Original Tangle Teezer!!!
Of course once I finally had my new best friend in hand, I kept forgetting to try it out! Once I finally did, I was instantly amazed and my undying love was born! There’s nothing obviously remarkable about the appearance of the Tangle Teezer. It really is just a lump of plastic that fits nicely in the palm of your hand. The other end is covered with molded plastic spikes that actually seem a bit intimidating. They are not sharp or anything, it just looks a bit like an orange porcupine. I can’t claim to know why this little beauty works, but work it does! But what exactly does it DO? Basically, it is just a brush that easily eliminates tangles on wet or dry hair with minimal pulling – making it great for extensions as well!
Such a Tease! The Original Tangle Teezer!!!
I have been using my Tangle Teezer any and every time I need to tidy up my hair. If I would normally use a comb or a brush, I now pull out my Tangle Teezer. I initially wanted to try it for combing through my knotty hair when it’s wet. I usually use a wide tooth comb, but even then I have to struggle to get through my hair and, without fail, breakage occurs. The first time I tried my Tangerine Scream plastic dream, I towel dried my hair and spritzed it lightly with detangling leave-in conditioner – exactly as I always do when using a comb. Now was the time to finally try out this little wonder. I went through my hair with absolutely NO trouble whatsoever! No snagging, maybe one or two loose hairs were left in the bristles and my hair remained pretty much tangle free once it fully air dried! Never have I used something that seemed so gentle, while still being effective, on my hair. The Tangle Teezer cut through my always tangled locks like butter. Not a snag or a tug. I have never been so impressed by a hair tool before – I’m not one to even like hair tools! J I do not know how I have lived so long without my Tangle Teezer!
Such a Tease! The Original Tangle Teezer!!!
Given how well the Tangle Teezer managed my hair with detangling leave-in conditioner, I wanted to see how well it worked without anything to aid tangle removal. This was partly out of curiosity and partly because I feel like my hair has become somewhat weighed down and occasionally a little greasy from using a detangler. The result without any products? Just as easy to smooth through the knots!!! The next test? Brushing through my hair when dry of course!
I tend to avoid brushing my hair too frequently, especially in the winter. Sometimes it gets too fluffy, other times it ends up pulled flat against my scalp, and often it becomes quite static-prone. So I tried out my shocking bright orange plastic wonder and it truly can do no wrong! It glides through dry hair with ease. It doesn’t flatten out the style, it seems to be gentle on the hair, I don’t end up with a giant puffy mess of frizz on my head, and NO STATIC!!! I have been forever changed and will go to whatever lengths are necessary to always have a Tangle Teezer at my disposal!
Such a Tease! The Original Tangle Teezer!!!
I know this may seem overly dramatic, but I really do LOVE the Tangle Teezer! I’m holding myself back from ordering a second one to keep in my handbag, but I’m not sure how long I can control my enthusiasm! J I know it’s not really a life changing discovery, but my hair is certainly happier for having found it!
Should you also be interested in obtaining your own little lump of Tangle Teezer plastic goodness, the lowest price I have seen is through’s “Add-On Item” program. According to Amazon, this new program “allows Amazon to offer thousands of low-priced items that would be cost-prohibitive to ship on their own. These items ship with qualifying orders over $25 and are eligible for free shipping.” Here is the link to where I purchased my Tangle TeezerYou just add it to your cart along with $25 or more of other merchandise and it’s yours for another $9.99! Not a bad deal…assuming you need something else from Amazon – and who doesn’t always need something from Amazon? J I definitely recommend trying the Tangle Teezer!
Such a Tease! The Original Tangle Teezer!!!
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Tangle Teezer in any way, nor have I been compensated for this review.

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