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Such a Lack of Understanding Surrounding a Suicide.

By Gran13

There is so much stigma and such a lack of understanding surrounding mental illness and suicide.  Someone actually said the following to us after our son died by suicide;

“If he wanted to die, why are you so upset?” But we chose to ignore that statement. 

We also heard, “Time will heal,” and “You have other children so …”

“Committing suicide is an act of cowardice.” And I wondered how a person could say something like that.

It was not an act of cowardice. I think it took a great deal of courage. I imagined my son standing somewhere up high, making that terribly difficult, heartbreaking, yet brave decision to jump. Maybe he felt he was relieving us of an emotional burden, maybe he could no longer tolerate the voices in his head.

I was quite sure that no fear, pain nor sorrow could touch me after that most painful experience, but that was not true. Life is made up of all kinds of tragedies. What I do know is that we will remember and love David for ever.

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